An Interdependent Relationship is the healthiest way v co-dependency, learning the art of detachment in relationships.

Relationships, the most sought after thing, yet for many, including myself can feel illusive, why is that, well here is my learning, until we get healthy with ourselves and weed out negative behaviour patterns and negative conditioning, we simply cannot be healthy with another, this is not to say for one moment, that one ought to take full responsibility for the demise of a relationship in its totality, but an understanding of how you played a part in that demise and what part you played.

You simply cannot expect to make another accountable if they choose not to be aware, or simply acknowledge in communication with you, their part, or even validate any hurt their actions may have fostered.

You see pain, in particular in relationships, I believe are one of our greatest Teachers, and greatest assets to be able to force us to grow and come out of our conditioned comfort zone.

Many will say how the hell can you give advice on relationships when you are not in one? well here is the thing, if you are a person who does reflect and does look in the mirror you can glean a lot from what hasn’t worked, what things you have done, what things you haven’t done and you can take this lessons forward, there is no greater lesson than that what is deemed as failure both from your own inner critic and from an observational view of the lens.

I have come to learn that the reason why the very thing that you may truly desire from your soul and heart eludes you, is because perhaps you have been eluding yourself? quite often the focus on “other” is a mechanism to deflect you from looking at yourself, it is easy to get into a situation whereby it’s always the other persons fault, but that is just proportioning blame, which serves no purpose, that is just a justification to take no responsibility for being part of that journey.

You see my learning is that when you love deeply there can be acts of imbalance in that you give all of yourself, sometimes at times at the expense of “other” when in actual fact, the gift is to learn interdependence, keep a level of individuality and a level of interdependence in equal measure.  Having been part of unhealthy relationships, I now get to witness so much earlier on, the red flags of where a situation could become co-dependent, that is not love, that is enabling, that is control, and love is not about control.

Love needs to be given a space to be free, to flourish, to grow, to emerge in its floral design, so that both emerge and grow to their highest and greatest potential.  One of the healthiest relationships is where honest, truthful and connected, present communication exists, where there is absolutely no fear or judgement in being able to express your true, honest and authentic self.

The gift of loving unconditionally without expectation is the gift of detachment, for when you get to a place where there is no expectation of an outcome, there is no need, nor desire to “fix” other, but to focus on fixing, YOU, that is the gift of a healthy relationship.

In today’s society there are a great deal of unhealthy relationships, I know this from a wisdom perspective, and knowledge as being part of a group, observation and reading.

Unhealthy relationship patterns can be learnt from an early age, even from the perspective of what appears on the outside, a very healthy relationship to co-dependency and enabling patterns that take place in the home.

When you can get to a place where you can safely allow your souls true authentic self to shine, express itself without fear or judgement, and the same for other, then that right there is a healthy balance.

Love is not control, loves needs space to be able to express its truth, not all flowers and rose tinted glasses all of the time, but the moments of emotions that may not feel very comfortable, when you get to a place where you can connect with someone and you show all facets of your character and personality and there is nothing hidden, and both of you are able to hold each other in those moments by being emotionally present and available, that is a healthy relationship.

If you feel the need to “fix” make excuses, dum down who you are, or suppress your emotions or who you are that is control, that isn’t healthy.  The importance of honest communication is also about allowing yourself to vocalise your feelings without fear this helps the relationship grow because you are showing your vulnerability, and it is only when we truly drop our guard, show our vulnerability that we can truly have an honest loving relationship and remember, just because you behave in a particular way, it does not mean expecting other to be the same, because that right there is one of the situations that will set you up for a fall.  Most of us do have an expectation of how we perceive things should be, but in the love stakes, usually it turns out to be completely different, that is because we had an expectation.

Love is a gift when it is allowed to grow and flow.

In love & light, Susan. xxx

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Today it is a Full Moon (Strawberry) what do you need to release? let go of that no longer serves you? 28/6/2018

Happy Full Moon Day,

Full Moon, what’s that all about? why is it important.  Well the Full Moon gives you an opportunity to do some positive things.

On a Full Moon you can release and let go of what is no longer serving your souls purpose.  The key objectives are

  • Setting your intent
  • Sending love to those in need, releasing who you need to with love
  • Meditate quietly on what it is you would like to manifest.
  • Envision yourself moving forward and releasing what isn’t working, has not been working and where you feel you have exhausted every avenue.
  • Get in touch with your emotions.
  • Letting go of an attitude, situation, circumstance, behaviour, thought which are negative in their energy, a reminder that what you think comes back.

The key principles are cleansing and regeneration and allowing your soul to be given the gift of renewal so that it supports your soul growth.

I will be doing a Full Moon Release gathering on my Facebook page tonight @ Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching, so today, the Sun is beaming which is the polar opposite of the moon, enjoy your manifestations, and remember always do your manifestations from a place of love and from the heart, oh and be careful what you wish for.

Happy Full Moon Release.

In love & light, Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching.

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The energy of the day 26/6/2018 “7” Quiet Reflection, Solitude, Seeking knowledge.

“7” Intuition, Reflection, Truth Seeker, whether you have this number as your soul urge, life path number, destiny number, year number, month number, or day number you will have these qualities to name but a few, if you would like a reading and would like an insight into YOU, please get in touch. Video available on my Facebook page.

Intuition is the power that keeps you safe, it is the power that enables you to move forward when it feel right, and stay put when it feels unsafe, trust it always.


if anyone would like a personal reading please get in contact @

Stay blessed and listen to those “gut” feelings.


Blessings, Susan xx


Today’s Universe Has Your Back Message 16/04/2018

Good evening,

late today with my posting its been a full on day!

How has your day been?

Anyway Happy Monday, many blessings and I do hope that it has been productive, enjoyable and you feel that you have achieved something today.

Today’s message is about accepting “Love” from the Universe as your primary teacher.

You see when we allow ourselves to trust the Universe and its guidance and there being a sense of what you need to go through is for your greatest and highest vibration of soul growth, this is accepted then along comes the feeling of being at peace and not fighting the natural flow of life that we have to experience in order for us to be moved to the next level of soul growth.

Anxiety, depression, fear, worry are all factors that will make this process harder to be able to cope with, and a need to know, a need to be in control, but there are times in our lives that we simply cannot be in control all of the time, that I feel is a good thing, to be in control all of the time is a heavy cross to bear with pressure to conform to juggling many thoughts, emotions, feelings that arise as a result of trying to keep it together, you can lessen your stress, anxiety and low mood by learning to trust that what is meant will certainly reveal itself, and what isn’t will not manifest, there won’t be any loss, you may feel a sense of loss as a result of an expectation of an outcome, this usually perpetuates anxiety, fear and all of the feelings, emotions associated.  Whereas if you allow yourself to just first of trust yourself, then secondly trust that the Universe or whatever you aspire too, God, Buddha, Angels, Spirit, Ancestors, those that have passed, really do have a say in what is going on around you, more than you realise, there is guidance to be found even when we do not think so.  So allow yourself to TRUST.

So today’s message is beautiful in its unfolding, in its truth and it is right for you, as it has come up for a reason.

Have a blessed night, I hope that you feel rejuvenated tomorrow and focus on all the positives, stay awesome, stay you, and trust.

In love & Light, Susan xx20180416_200213.jpg

Elliptical Galaxy – 4 of Pentacles

Today I thought I would do something a little different, I have a new deck of Tarot cards called the Quantum Tarot – by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler, so I thought I would draw reference to today’s message and see what the Universal message is.

I drew the 4 of Pentacles, which can also be referred to as the 4 of Coins, the summary is as follows for the day.


Elliptical galaxies are very old and contain lots of dying stars.  No new stars are being created as most of the necessary fuel has been used up and things are slowly grinding to a halt.  The 4 of Pentacles manifests this winding-down of energy as a stubborn holding-on to the status quo.  The fixed energy of the four becomes a little too fixed in the earthly suit of the Pentacles, (related to the element of Earth).

A refusal to move forward and embrace change is characteristic of this card, with the resulting fear of scarcity and a sense of stagnation.

Key principles of today’s message

  • Where are you refusing to change?
  • Where are you stuck?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where is your sense of lack?
  • Where are you sabotaging your growth?

For a reading please contact or 07925954107.


In love & light, Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching

Valentines Day – When I loved myself enough.

When I loved myself enough, I quit waiting for other to validate me and to give me a sign that I am loved, I am enough.

When I loved myself enough, I gave my soul tender loving care, I gave myself flowers to recognise the beauty of nature in its unfolding.

When I loved myself enough I treated each day as a day of Love, starting with self and then letting it filter through to others.

When I loved myself, I made choices that made my soul, heart, spirit and mind feel at peace, with no justification or need to fix it, just accepting it simply as it IS.

When I loved myself enough I gave my Temple some loving food to support it to feel nurtured, wanted, valued and loved.

Valentines Day is a beautiful day, but every day ought to be a valentines day, a day where love is expressed, shown to self to others, to a stranger, to someone in need, for appreciation costs nothing, but means so much and can make a difference even in a small way.

Happy Love Day, treat every day like it is.

Have a beautiful one,

In love & Light, Susan xx

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Turning the tide!

Today I wanted to speak about turning the tide, have you experienced a situation, it could be anything that you had hoped would turn out and it turned out that it was not what you thought? I am sure you have.  I am talking about sometimes things not turning out as one hoped, perhaps you put in for that job and you did not get it, perhaps you put in for a change of house and it did not happen, perhaps that relationship you desired to work didn’t, perhaps something you have been waiting for has not turned out as you hoped.

So the initial response is that sinking feeling, ugh!! that feeling of disappointment, that is quite normal, but once you have had a chance to reflect, re-evaluate, usually if you allow yourself to go back to your drawing board of elimination, okay so plan A did not work, lets address and look at plan B, I like to think of it in a strategic way, A, B, C, D, and not giving up unless I feel I have exhausted every avenue.  Of course there too is an element of realism that one needs to keep in mind of being realistic when it is time to give up the Ghost.

So next time something does not go to plan, try not to get too downhearted, too despondent, of course you will feel initial disappointment but try to view through the lens of a new opportunity that is shining before you, and a means to move to plan B.

Remembering that when a plan does not come together, it does not mean a rejection of your plans, it simply means a cosmic redirection, you just never know the new beginning that arises out of your disappointment, may be even brighter than your original plan.


In love and beautiful light.

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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Definition of Vibe in Dictionary terms 

a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others:
Ever felt a real sense of de ja view with some and a sinking feeling with others?
I am sure you have in your lifetime, I thought I would write a short piece today on our intuitive antennae and our energy that we emit when attracting others, ever heard the saying your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe?
Have you ever connected with someone and felt a real affinity, you see like attracts like, but similarly so have you ever experienced that sinking feeling, that feeling of something not feeling right in the presence of others?
Trust those feelings because wisdom has taught me and similarly taught you too, that energy doesn’t lie, that is not to say that one should  not consider giving people a chance to reveal who they are, it is important to try and practice some means of tolerance, patience in the journey of discovery, but always trust though that your Vibe and where you stand within your emotional, intuitive state you will attract the right people to you for the journey of both having something to impart and learn to each other, it is a two
way journey. th
Embrace it, trust it and enjoy the revelations. If something feels right it usually is, similarly if something doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t, trust your intuition on which.
Trust the good vibes, trust the not so good vibes,
In love & Light
Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xx

North Node v South Node, the pathway to your Soul Growth Evolution

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Wow what an interesting discovery yesterday I made, I am always on a quest for knowledge, thirsty even, yes, its the truth.  I discovered yesterday two aspects of ones Astrological profile the North Node aspects and what it means.  The North Node means ones current path of Evolution, their actions and behaviours in this lifetime.  Whereas the South Node relates to past conditions and default behaviours that one intrinsically falls back on as a default, because you have been there before in a previous incarnation.  Interesting for those who are seekers of truth, knowledge and a desire to understand themselves even further.

A quest for the Truth, the journey to learning to understanding others, I do believe is to understand yourself first. Remembering too that we are never finite, never completely, complete as we evolve, grow and change on a regular basis, we can wake up one day thinking, feeling being a particular way, yet in the blink of an eye, the day after things can change, hence why it is important never to take anything for granted, but be and feel “Thankful” for each day.

The key of the South Node in your Astrological chart is those behaviours that you sit with in their comfortable familiarity can be self limiting.  After all the truth is, that we do not grow in our comfortableness, in our familiarity and comfort zones, it is out of our comfort zones where we push ourselves, almost like that moment of “Birth” where we are forced out of the womb to a cold and world we do not yet understand.  Coming out of our comfort zones feel like that, don’t you think? hell yes, I feel that they do, one almost feels squeamish in its newness of not yet knowing what will unfold, what we are to emerge too, the truth is as you age and grow in wisdom you gain strategies and coping mechanisms to get you through, the truth is, it is not how you FALL but how you RISE.

I discovered that I have Cancer in my 7th Astrological House in my North Node, my goodness it is set to challenge me personally in my personal relationships with others, in a previous lifetime I discovered that I chose to work my Ass off at the expense of indulging in relationships, closed myself off, what a “Revelation” what a shock, I went to bed thinking omg!!! but the beauty is, the Truth sets us free and discovery and knowledge is power for Growth, oh yes I intend to utilize this new found information to support others on their journey, through my soul coaching.  My style and approach is not for everyone, but that is okay, I accept this, I also trust the Universe and Souls to gravitate because there is a resonance and understanding, I will always maintain that our Tribe Attracts Our Tribe.

So today I ask you to consider and ask you, Where do you feel at your most uncomfortable? where and what do you feel most challenged in? because you know what, this will be the area that you will and can be afforded your most authentic, truthful, cataclysmic growth, if you allow yourself to push through the feeling of being uncomfortable, after all, who feels comfortable shedding old skin? but it is oh so necessary as a part of your Evolution and personal growth.  Today I am wiser than yesterday and brighter than the day before and this I feel truly blessed and thankful for.

So Where are you uncomfortable?

If I can support you in any way by sharing my wisdom and learning, it would feel an honour to share your journey and watch your growth, with a smile at watching you bloom.

Get in touch @ if you have an area in your life that you feel you need support with, I come with a wealth of wisdom, experience, teaching, learning and continuous personal growth.

Where are you repeating your patterns of your previous lifetime that is hindering your personal growth for your path to Evolution in your current lifetime now? (food for thought)

In Love & Light, Susan xxx

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