Sometimes a sabbatical, time out is a good thing, regeneration of the soul.

I haven’t posted for a while, I took some time out to process some thoughts, feelings, emotions regarding my current journey.  Naturally, I tend to do this anyway, reflection is so powerful for the soul, I often find that after such a period of time, I am able to come back with a fresh eye, renewed sense of awareness and a different level of energy.

We had a Full Moon in Scorpio yesterday, full moon’s as you are probably aware are filled with powerful potential of renewal and releasing of the old.

It is not unknown around a Full Moon period to allow your soul the gift of releasing what may have been wearing you down, weighing heavily on your soul, or just simply put it no longer feels right, you can sense within the very essence of you that something has changed, there may be a sense of resistance as you grapple with the familiar, grapple with keeping things they way your are used to, comfortable with, but in that complacency there isn’t the capacity to grow, if you do allow yourself to stay the same, so in the journey of reflection, you can get to a stage where after the processing internally has taken place, you can feel a sense of “one day my soul just opened up” embrace it, flow with it, enjoy it, and allow yourself to be in the moment.  I will be back with more postings shortly.

Don’t forget to set your new intent after releasing the old and outworn, ready for a brand new chapter as you walk towards the next new moon which is indicative of renewal, rebirth and newness.


In love & Light, Susan xxxx

Release Toxic Relationships – 03/03/2018

Happy Saturday,

Today I write with regards to what would be beneficial for your soul growth, as I sat quietly I asked for a card to be drawn as a message for greater soul growth and the potential to reach soul growth in a positive way.

The card that came up was Release Toxic Relationships, the deck that I use are by James Van Praagh, so I cannot take full ownership but I can relay the message that has come up.

The key indicators of this card are that in order for you soul to thrive, it needs to be in an environment of love and harmony, any type of conflict, imbalance or discordance only creates difficulty for your soul to thrive.  Often times souls who are sensitive, HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons) Lightworkers, those with a psychic or spiritual inclination will attract others who may be drawn to their light and can siphon of your energy if you are not careful, leaving you depleted and lacking energy.  On this basis, it is extremely important that you protect your energy and protect yourself.  For those who are natural “helpers” the first inclination will be naturally gravitate to those whom gravitate towards you to help, but in doing so, at times may not be conducive for their soul growth, know when to step back and when to help, at least this is what I have learnt, do place those boundaries, let your intuition guide you as to when to help and when to step back.   Sometimes too a soul may be brought to you too, to establish just how much you may have grown in the art and discernment of saying no and that you have the strength to actually release them for their greater good.

Toxic relationships come in many shapes and many forms, some of the key aspects of wisdom and experience are an understanding of which, learn to discern whom is good for your soul growth and whom isn’t, now this may not happen straight away, it can happen too when there is growth within existing relationships, just like seasons, time and place things have the capacity to naturally fall away organically when growth has taken place and renewal, rebirth needs to take place, it is not wrong, it is not right, it just IS, there need not be bitterness, discord with this process just an inner understanding that a journey has come to its natural end.  As you emerge anew you may need to re-organize, re-structure and shuffle yourself and vice versa as this change takes place.  This card has come up at a time of new seeding which is Spring and also just after the last Full Moon 2 days ago which was in the Astrological sign of Virgo, one of the key attributes of a Full Moon phase is to release what is outworn, what no longer serves your soul growth and RELEASE.

Do not allow your kindness, empathy and compassion to allow others to mistreat you or disrespect your soul growth, remembering too that it is equally important for the other party to be afforded this too so they too can GROW, it is a two way mirror which reflects individually for each who play a part.

When something comes to an end, send it love, give it love, say thank you for the lessons, blessings, the gifts, all of what that journey may have encompassed, and thank you for allowing me the space to grow in that chapter, say to yourself I AM READY, I AM READY, for a new chapter and I feel full of wisdom, love, knowledge from all of the teachings that I have had to let go of before.

Stay blessed, be blessed and always come from a place of LOVE.

Cards by James Van Praagh, written by Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching

In love & Light Susan xxxinstaquote-_temp (11).png

Growing is a courageous act.

Good Morning all,

Change is never easy, it is a courageous act, it takes great pains to grow out of what you are used to, patterns and thoughts of behaviour that you have long held as part of you, be gentle and kind to yourself in the process.

Visualize the change you desire to create and work towards becoming the Change you desire to be.  Work with each emotion as you feel it, give it space as you emerge slowly to a new you, it takes time, there is no rush.

Have a great Friday in its unfolding.

In love & light Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching

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Cutting Chords



Sometimes the emotions we are feeling belong to the person we are in connection with and an energetic chord must be severed.

In every relationship people are constantly exchanging energy that can become a chord connecting two people.  This energetic chord forms just below the breastbone and can remain long after a relationship has ended.

This unbroken chord may leave an open channel between you and another person, through which emotions and energy can continue to flow.  If you are unaware that the chord exists, it is easy to feel another person’s emotions and mistakenly think that they are yours.  Besides the fact that this can limit the amount of closure you can experience in a relationship, letting this chord remain intact can leave you with a sense of sadness while creating feelings of lethargy as your own energy is sapped from you.  Cutting the chord can help you separate yourself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you.

Finding and cutting unwanted chords is a simple gentle process that is best done alone and when you are relaxed.  It is important that you are strong in your intention to release the chord (that you desire too) between you and someone else.  To begin, breathe deeply and perform a simple centring03f2192a177c55080e8d094ea2698392 meditation.  When you are ready, visualise or sense the chords that are connecting you to other people.  Run your fingers through the chords to separate them until you find the chord that you wish to sever.  There is no need to worry, because the chord you need to sever will feel just right.  When you have found it, determine where the cut should be made and then visualize the chord being cleanly cut.  If you need assistance, Archangel Michael can be called upon to help you with his sword.  Afterwards, if you feel that cutting the chord has left spaces in your energy field, then visualize those spaces being filled with healing sunlight.

There may be times where cutting a chord can help free a relative or loved one to reach new stages of growth.  You are not severing the relationship, but you are severing the chords that are no longer serving you both.  At other times, a chord may simply refuse to be cut because it is still serving a higher purpose.  It is also important to remember that cutting a chord with someone is not a replacement for doing your emotional work with people.  It can, however, be an enactment of that work upon its completion. In any case, cutting a relationship chord should always be viewed as a positive nurturing act.  By cutting the chords that no longer need to be there, you are setting yourself and others free from the ties that bind.


Allowing a space for vulnerability to shine through from an authentic place.

I just had some thoughts after seeing a meme that really resonated with me this morning, it spoke volumes in its raw truth and it got me thinking about creating a space for vulnerability from an authentic place and what can stop this from happening.

First and foremost allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a risky thing right? it does take courage to expose yourself, from an observational point of view and viewing society as a whole, and through the lens of perhaps some would say a little cynicism, we do live in a society where we are conditioned to keep a tight lid on our emotions.  I have always maintained that doing such is not conducive to a healthy mental and emotional state, suppression of such only adds to inner turmoil, I feel. But what are the very things that can stunt the process of allowing emotional vulnerability?, I have identified a few and these are as follows:-

  • A fear and inability to effectively deal with conflict
  • A fear of being judged
  • A fear of ones vulnerability being taken for a weakness
  • Not feeling safe in the relationship to express ones vulnerabilities in the first instance
  • Cultural considerations
  • Gender considerations
  • Denial
  • Using Alcohol and Drugs to stunt emotional expression

These are just a few, so where do we draw the line? and how?

There is something refreshing about being given an opportunity to truly feel another persons emotions, even in their raw truth state, even if we get to hear something that can feel a little uncomfortable to hear, it is better to be comforted with the truth, than with a lie, don’t you agree?

But consider for a moment some of the reasons above why this may not be happening.  I have come to realize over a passage of time and through the years, that whilst you may feel comfortable with exposing your truth, it does not always mean that “other” is comfortable.  Having said this though there is something that can be said when dealing with polar opposites, an effective communicator v another who perhaps finds it a challenge and does not feel comfortable, safe, or ready.  I do believe that every connection that we encounter serves its own soul purpose, sometimes each one teach one, and sometimes it may just be to highlight an area for another soul to address that they may not have felt ready, nor willing to confront.  I am also a great believer that the Universe provides opportunities for growth, perhaps where we procrastinate, hide behind or do not feel ready to deal with, it has a way sometimes of catapulting us to take control of our wheel and deal with it, via a situation, circumstance or scenario that forces us in a position where we no longer have a choice.

There is absolutely no doubt exposing your innermost feelings, emotions, truths is “Risky” but so is not exposing how you feel which can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration, anger, projection, deflection and avoidance of the truth.

The only true way that we can merge truthfully with others is to own our truth, speak it, show it, but there is absolutely no guarantee that “other” will behave, nor act in the same manner, in truth we can only ever be responsible for what we choose to do, we do not really have a say in what “other” chooses to do.

Another consideration is about being in soul alignment with another, it takes time to actually realize whether this is the case, the kindest thing that can be achieved upon the realisation that this is not the case is learning to let go, this serves a great purpose for both, as the old saying goes, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

Happy expressing, what do you really have to lose.

Have a great day. In love & Light, Susan xx

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A Little Help, Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.

Today I have been asked to support a cause, I do believe in causes, I do believe in the power of Unity and I do believe in the power of working together to achieve an objective, I believe in the power of love, of sharing, caring, unity.

It can feel difficult to ask for help sometimes through fear of judgement, through fear of peoples perception that you are not coping, but do you know what, many many years ago we lived in a world that was filled with Love, community spirit, a fostering of sharing, caring, many could pop into their neighbour, borrow a cup of sugar, get a cup of milk because they had run out to make a cuppa.

Nowadays Facebook and social media has removed some of that personal touch, but it does have its bonuses and positive aspects such as reaching a wider audience and media.  Indeed there are polarities in everything, there are pros and cons for everything for every aspect of actions.

I wanted to share something that is heartfelt that touches the very soul of humanity today, that touches the soul of family life, of a threat to the nucleus of a family that threatens to break that bond that cannot be broken despite anything that goes on in that family.   I ask today for assistance across the world to support this young man receive the treatment that he so much needs in order for him to heal for him to be able to stay with his family, for his family to continue to enfold him in their arms, to enfold him in their loving care and give him some time.  Illnesses break families, they break spirits and they break bonds, please may I ask if you would consider please supporting this family by donating something (every little helps) to support this young man go to Germany to receive the treatment that he so much needs, that will enable him to have a piece of happiness, for his family to be able to see him evolve, grow, smile and for them to have some joy together, I attach a link for his Go fund me, which was originally started up by my friend Angeline Sentence who knows the family, I have shared the link across my social network sites, even sharing the link will help, if you will please, your support would be greatly appreciated to give some joy back to a young man and his family who are fighting so very hard to bring some joy back into their lives, we all need a helping hand, it is not a weakness to ask it shows courage, strength, it shows a capacity to actually be true to ones soul in saying “we need help” “I need help” and we could all do a little of that at times.

The Powell family and Jayden would be so very grateful.

We need to lift the vibration up in LOVE, I cannot think personally there is a greater way to show it

In love and light

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xxrobert-baker-53757938794424_l