Divine Message 11/08/2018 – Focus on service.

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning,

Happy Saturday as the day unfolds, may it bring, joy, blessings, peace and enjoyment.

Today’s card speaks of Acts of Service.  Where do you like to be of service?

How do you like to serve others?   Compassion is at the heart of this ethos.  Compassion and serving others gives a real sense of satisfaction and that is a real positive thing.

What is paramount though is protecting yourself while you do, for sadly, human nature is as such to “take” “take” “take” if allowed, there needs to be a balance between ascertaining when there is a real need, against abuse of kindness, this is essential in any situation, personally, professionally, as we set the template of what we allow.

Focusing on service though supports the world to flow and go around with the aspects of giving and receiving, and then the circle goes round again, both are paramount to the flow of energy in its positive.

If you can allow yourself the mindset to give without a view of reward then this is a positive start, if you give with an expectation, then you are setting yourself up to fail, for that energy isn’t conducive to the natural flow and law of attraction.

There is a change in the dynamic of the world and its compassionate giving.  I do feel years ago there was much more a community spirit, there still is, but I feel that there is a focus a bit more now of others focusing on “Self”.

Years ago there was a sense of community spirit, a neighbour popping in I have run out of sugar, milk, tea bags and there was a real sense of sharing, of course you can have some, no problem, it felt good to be asked and it felt good to share and to give, knowing that you had supported someone’s day to give something to them that they needed.  The world needs more of this I feel.

So today ask yourself where can you be of serve? where does your soul naturally gravitate in this regard?

So today’s card speaks of putting your entire focus on the natural law of giving and receiving, with the balance at not being embarrassed when you do receive, when you have not been asked, but simply saying thank you, and knowing that in your acts of service, you may just be making someone’s day!


Have a beautiful Saturday, in all that you do.   Just seeing a smile on their face will be beautiful enough.

With love & light Susan xx


Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching©1533980838141

The energy of the day 25/06/18

Feeling in a quiet introspective space today, usually do a video, so because of this need for quiet reflection today I decided on a plan B, on the quiet reflective times I shall tap into writing a blog.

The energy of the day has been a number vibration “6”  this means that the timing of the 6 is a slow and deliberate pace, slow and steady wins the race.

If you have a life path number of a 6, or you have a 6 in your calculation of your birth date then you will be responsible, and comforting as an individual.   The 6 is a natural counsellor, it relates to the Astrological sign of Cancer, relates to the Lovers Card in the Tarot which often means a choice, it can also denote a choice between 2 lovers, or a new love interest and balance in relationships.

The letters associated are F, O, X, the polarity is Yin (feminine) the colours are Royal Blue, Indigo.

The 6 also relates to family and ensuring that you nurture your family through duty and balance.  It may also associate with humanitarian activities today.

I hope that you have a great 6 day, and that all is as it ought to be, in accordance with the energy and the vibration of your soul.

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With love & light, Susan xxx



21/03/2018 – Today Universe has your back message.

Good Morning,

The Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, we wish, its beautiful but cold, anyway enough!! how are you doing this morning? I hope your slumber was restful and has you feeling rejuvenated this morning and ready to go.

In the usual manner I asked the Universe for a card for the start of the day and as I was shuffling out sprung this card “My fearless freedom lights up the world”.

So my take on this is never feel afraid to express your truth, your essence of your soul, its freedom of movement, freedom of will and freedom of choice, many will try to quell your expression, especially if it isn’t in line with their values, this gives a real clue as to the vibration and energy of those around you and whether they are in your present moment conducive for your growth in your period of NOW. Make sense? yes? no? please do comment and feedback.

You see intrinsically we all have our own unique way of expressing and none of it is right or wrong, when it becomes more fractious is when there are expectations from others to express yourself because they are not comfortable with expressing themselves, you are and they feel uncomfortable around you doing so.  Remember our vibe attracts our tribe, so too do our experiences, but also with an understanding that we do outgrow certain individuals, situations, circumstances and one can usually tell when this takes place as there is no longer a feeling of JOY when you are interacting.  If you feel heavy around certain individuals it means that something is amiss with the energy that both of you bring together, remembering too it is a two way street.  Trust your inner guidance to alert you to what truly feels right and use your intuitive aerial to guide you.

Never feel afraid of your fearless freedom to be YOU, after all you just never know whose world you may be lighting up, or even that you may be inspiring someone without even knowing.

Have an awesome Wednesday in its unfolding, we are in the season of Spring, the spring equinox was yesterday and its a always a time for new beginnings.

Be authentically YOU.

In love & beautiful glowing light, Susan xxxx20180321_075637.jpg

Today’s Universe has your back message 19/3/2018

Good Morning all,

I requested a card this morning and the card that came up was the one shown below, you see when you allow yourself to open up your heart chakra and open your heart to give and receive love in the various forms it can happen you open yourself up to warmer connections.

It is easy to feel jaded from love’s life experiences but if you can keep holding on to the fact that YOU yourself are love and that the very essence of love is you first and foremost loving yourself enough to let go of anything that may be jading your experiences with others, there is no doubt that hurt and pain in relation to your personal experiences exist, feelings of hurt, feeling let down when things go wrong, but if you can come from a place of reminding yourself that we are all doing the best that we can, in what can feel a challenging world, also remembering that everyone expresses their emotions differently.

If you can ground yourself in the power and knowledge that the biggest emotional power and force there is, is LOVE, and that when you give yourself the power to lean towards this power of Love you are lead to a warmer brighter future.  This starts with acceptance of what you do not have the power to change, what you do have the power to change, and to realize that you do have a choice how to respond.  Just because something may not have worked out, does not make it bad, what makes it a challenge is the approach that may have taken place and how this manifested, even in that situation, scenario, both parties have a responsibility to respond in a way that they choose.

So today’s message is even when life may have given you a challenge in relation to some real emotional hurts and deep stuff, still allow yourself to believe in the power of love, lean towards this energy, and then you will be led, for it is far easier to generate energy towards this emotion and feeling rather than the lower vibration of hate.

Wishing all a beautifully blessed and positive Monday and week ahead.

In love & light, Susan xxx20180319_072237.jpg

Compassion goes a long way, to others, to self!

Hi there,

My thoughts turn to Compassion today, compassion goes a very long way in a World that can feel unfeeling at times, you just never truly know how much you holding out your hand in compassion will impact another.  For you see many suffer in silence, sometimes the silence is out of not wanting to be a burden to others, not wanting to show vulnerability, not wanting to admit to others that one simply isn’t coping with what one may be going through.  Over the years since I have been on Facebook, since 2009, I have seen only too well the posts that do get a response, and the posts that usually get a response are the negative posts and real life posts, you see human nature can respond to these type of posts, so I wanted to draw reference to the word Compassion today, I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now.

So what is Compassion? what exactly is it, a definition I have pulled up from Wikipedia is this;

Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental or emotional pains of another and themselves. Compassion is often regarded as having sensitivity, an emotional aspect to suffering, though when based on cerebral notions such as fairness, justice, and interdependence, it may be considered rational in nature and its application understood as an activity also based on sound judgment. There is also an aspect of equal dimension, such that individual’s compassion is often given a property of “depth”, “vigour”, or “passion”. The etymology of “compassion” is Latin, meaning “co-suffering.” Compassion involves “feeling for another” and is a precursor to empathy, the “feeling as another” capacity for better person centred acts of active compassion; in common parlance active compassion is the desire to alleviate another’s suffering.  So here it is in a nutshell.

How much compassion do you display to your friends, family, those in need? is there tolerance for their plight and for their suffering? or do you get fed up if there is repetition of the same story?

Well you see the real essence is that progress and growth in terms of human suffering is I believe at the root of attachment, which in essence is human nature, we all get attached to something, someone and this is the very nature of human nature, can you imagine if we didn’t? how unfeeling would we really be, terribly cold I imagine.  But there is one thing that comes to mind in the theme of human suffering is that suffering is a journey, just as grief, loss and detaching yourself from something, it is a journey, it takes time to untangle, to process, to understand, to digest, to get to a place where all of the varying emotions become bearable and no longer feel overwhelming, so imagine how it feels to go through a process of suffering, whether this be from life’s experiences, personal loss, addictions, trauma, it takes time, the journey to healing does not happen overnight, oh no.

So if you see someone within your peripheral circle who needs some support, reach out your hand in compassion to see if you can offer support, you may not be able to take their pain away, their suffering away, but just reaching out and being there, may mean so much, and it just may make a difference to their lives.  We all need to feel loved, appreciated, cared for and that we matter, even though the real essence is not seeking validation outside of ourselves, or from others, but it does make a difference to our feeling of interdependence to know and to feel that someone does care.

You just never know how much of an impact that may have on another’s emotional, spiritual well-being.

And also remember too, lastly, if compassion does not include yourself, it isn’t compassion. compassion600.jpg

In love & Light, Susan xxx

Like Attracts Like

Hi, I asked for a card today to send out Universally and the card that came up is Like Attracts Like, interesting concept, some may think what does that mean, well in essence we get what we focus on, so if we focus on fear, anger, hate, love, disappointment, joy, negativity then we will get those things, this deck by James Van Praagh, Messages From The Guides, Transformation Deck I felt drawn too for spiritual work of sharing positive empowering messages.

In essence this card speaks of the following key points objectively:-

  • What you focus on give your energy too this is what will manifest
  • You are the creator of your own life
  • A deflection away from compassion and truth via distractions from day to day life
  • What you desire you must create
  • Not giving into fear and anxiety
  • Making a conscious effort to turn your fear based thoughts to that of compassion, forgiveness and understanding, mercy, tolerance and service.
  • Know one is exempt from this universal law
  •  Turn negative energy, thoughts and actions into a positive

This takes awareness and conscious thought and action, it does not happen overnight and one has to re-train their mind.  I also asked for another card from another deck I have and this one is from the Universe Has Your Back deck by Gabrielle Bernstein and ironically the card drawn fits in perfectly with the other, so today’s message and positive focus is watch your thoughts and your actions, if you are fear based then this is what you will create, let go, let love, compassion and understanding be your inner guide.  It does not mean you condone what does not feel right it just means that you channel your thoughts and responses around it.

20180226_183922.jpginstaquote-_temp (9).png

The Universe places you right where you need to be. Trust the timing of your life.

Today I wanted to talk about the beautiful prospect of universal law and timing.  Today as I was travelling back to my hometown, sadly I missed my connection and had to wait another 2 hours 30 minutes ready for my next connection.  I was talking with a close friend and I suddenly had a moment, what I call Aha moments, I said to her you never know maybe there is a reason why I missed that connection, reason for everything.

When I finally got on the coach, which was running late due to traffic, I could not help but feel a real sense of relief, I knew I had a busy day tomorrow, plus I wanted to get home to my family.

As I sat down I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and watched as the other passengers got on the coach, immediately a young gentleman got on the coach and made eye contact, I had a feeling that he was going to sit close by, my intuition was correct.  We struck up a conversation and got into a real deep conversation about life, as it transpired there was a real resonance and an understanding as to the deep principles of spirituality and life, it was to be an enlightening conversation that made the travel time go quicker as we both discussed the wonders of life.

What struck a real nice chord with me, is that this young gentleman was a couple of years younger than my youngest Son and it was really interesting to hear his perspectives on life, which we both discovered where in sync with each others, I did feel quite smiley at how the whole evening had panned out, I had gone from feeling stressed to missing my connection to thoroughly enjoying a conversation, sharing what I do for a living and making a connection and networking, it happens spontaneously at times, I suddenly thought, “look at that” an evening that went all wrong, where nothing went right to having a conversation on a very deep level.  I felt that in some instances both had been positioned exactly where we needed to be, you see we can live a life of each one teach one and one never truly knows when or how that is going to happen.  I had already had two beautiful conversations with two beautiful souls in my life and this felt like another opportunity had been afforded, I felt that the Universe had orchestrated this scenario exactly the way that it needed to be, we both ended up sharing pearls of wisdom, the trip went smoothly and before you know it, we where both at our destination.

The moral of sharing this today is always look for a pearl of wisdom or a ray of sunshine in a cloud, things did not go right to get back home but some joy proceeded after, sometimes we are placed in a position that we may not imagine, be open to opportunities, once I had gotten over the initial shock of things not going right I put my practical, logical hat on, and thought okay maybe there is a reason why there was a delay, may you have been placed to support another in their time of need via a message, a word of encouragement, or vice versa you never know, try to look on the bright side when things do not pan out or go according to plan, quite often it results in synchronicity and timing, reminding yourself that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in any given moment, embrace what shows up with an open mind and go forward with a smile, for you never know you might make a difference to someone.

Keep your mind open to life’s opportunities for they are every present if you have eyes and a heart and a mind to be open to receive.

Have a great week ahead.

In love and light Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching brooke-campbell-44085.jpg

A Little Help, Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.

Today I have been asked to support a cause, I do believe in causes, I do believe in the power of Unity and I do believe in the power of working together to achieve an objective, I believe in the power of love, of sharing, caring, unity.

It can feel difficult to ask for help sometimes through fear of judgement, through fear of peoples perception that you are not coping, but do you know what, many many years ago we lived in a world that was filled with Love, community spirit, a fostering of sharing, caring, many could pop into their neighbour, borrow a cup of sugar, get a cup of milk because they had run out to make a cuppa.

Nowadays Facebook and social media has removed some of that personal touch, but it does have its bonuses and positive aspects such as reaching a wider audience and media.  Indeed there are polarities in everything, there are pros and cons for everything for every aspect of actions.

I wanted to share something that is heartfelt that touches the very soul of humanity today, that touches the soul of family life, of a threat to the nucleus of a family that threatens to break that bond that cannot be broken despite anything that goes on in that family.   I ask today for assistance across the world to support this young man receive the treatment that he so much needs in order for him to heal for him to be able to stay with his family, for his family to continue to enfold him in their arms, to enfold him in their loving care and give him some time.  Illnesses break families, they break spirits and they break bonds, please may I ask if you would consider please supporting this family by donating something (every little helps) to support this young man go to Germany to receive the treatment that he so much needs, that will enable him to have a piece of happiness, for his family to be able to see him evolve, grow, smile and for them to have some joy together, I attach a link for his Go fund me, which was originally started up by my friend Angeline Sentence who knows the family, I have shared the link across my social network sites, even sharing the link will help, if you will please, your support would be greatly appreciated to give some joy back to a young man and his family who are fighting so very hard to bring some joy back into their lives, we all need a helping hand, it is not a weakness to ask it shows courage, strength, it shows a capacity to actually be true to ones soul in saying “we need help” “I need help” and we could all do a little of that at times.


The Powell family and Jayden would be so very grateful.

We need to lift the vibration up in LOVE, I cannot think personally there is a greater way to show it

In love and light

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xxrobert-baker-53757938794424_l