Digging Deep into your feminine power

Happy International Women’s Day, I was wondering though today, about an International Men’s Day wondering if they have the same, apparently there is one which takes place on November the 19th, I do think things ought to be equal, apparently it is International Men’s Day (IMD) is an annual international event celebrated on this day and was inaugurated in 1992 on 7thm February by Thomas Oaster, the project was re-initialised in 1999 in Trinidad & Tobago, (source Wikipedia). Nice to know.

It got me thinking about where do Women draw their strength from? 

There is so much to do and so much to achieve in the circle and cycle of a women’s life, now I am not one of these raging Feminists, but I do celebrate women, but equally so, I celebrate Men too, I do think at times from both perspectives each get a little rough end of the deal in their own way.

There is no doubt that there are times when Life can feel challenging and there are times and moments it can be pure bliss, joyful filled with beautiful things, but when challenged, where do you draw strength from? what do you draw strength from? and how?

There are times it is imperative to really dig deep into ones inner reserves, that well of strength that you may feel you do not have left.  What about your circle of Sisters, friends, family, those whom you hold close, we all have a little unit that we lean on in times of real need, I have come to realize over the years, we do not need a lot of friends but we do need the right ones, the ones that vibrate at the same frequency, the ones that have your back no matter what, the ones that will share with you and tell you what is what, even if you do not desire to hear it.

One thing is for certain that I will never cease to be amazed at, is the capacity for a woman to hold within her Temple a growing life, I too also empathise with those who perhaps have not had that joy, who have been unable too.  There is something deeply beautiful about the capacity for a woman’s Temple to hold within her a growing human and then give it life, in my mind it has to be one of the most profound things of the circle of life.

I know that we ought not to have an excuse to celebrate our Womanhood, our Woman 75574bfe9b80aa7f5ab9246aab6697a32c2913fde420c42cdd8d49e7b852d47b--divine-feminine-the-divine our femininity but I suppose in truth there is something about the acknowledgement, I am just glad to hear that there is also a day of acknowledgement for men too, for that is fair and just.

So in the theme of celebrating your Inner woman, yourself as a woman what have you done to celebrate you today?

I hope though, that in truth you celebrate yourself all of the time, not just some of the time, acknowledge the small things that you achieve, no matter how small for each accomplishment no matter how small is an accomplishment and leads to the greater whole.

Have a blessed and beautiful evening, I hope that you are truly honouring yourself.

In love and beautiful light, Susan xx


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