Have the courage of your convictions

I thought I would share today’s message that I drew before this day closes.  Utilizing my inner wisdom and intuition as to the timing to deliver it.  Today has been an interesting day a day of truth, a day of revelations and a day of a sense of renewed energy, I could definitely feel the Spring vibration in the air, the energy of new beginnings which is very likened to the period of Spring and the month of March.

There is definitely something beautiful about the shift, its not so dark, it still is rather cold but the Sun has been beaming and beckoning, the energy is getting lighter for sure.

So I asked for a card tonight and the card that came up was “Possess Self-Confidence”, Have the courage of your convictions, you know your truth, nobody knows you like you know yourself, don’t feel afraid to express yourself in your authentic truth, for in doing so you do not deny your soul its authentic expression.

I also posted a meme today on my Facebook which stated despite how open you are, peaceful and loving you are, people can only meet you as deeply as they meet themselves, rather fitting for today’s card, don’t you think?

I do believe that the Truth sets us free, there is no guarantee how it will be received, nor how it may leave others feeling but when you allow yourself the courage of your truth and its convictions, you have made a conscious choice to be true to your soul, heart, mind and spirit and that isn’t a negative thing.

So today’s message is Possess Self Confidence.  The cards are by James Van Praagh and I happen to think they are beautiful, I utilize tools for my spiritual work, and these I felt drawn too, have a great night and may your slumber feel restful.

In love and light, Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching


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