Sensory Overload

I have been thinking about sensory overload, we live in a very fast paced World, not only in an every day sense of activity but in the form of social media.  Its addictive, this social media lark, it becomes the norm to our day, the norm to our routine, perhaps there is a fear of missing out, something interesting, something juicy, something that one can respond too. Everything is so fast paced, life has truly picked up a pace, everything at our
disposal so to speak. thZR42PH4N
Today I am feeling overloaded in a sensory way, noise, words, activity.  Sometimes regeneration and having a period of quiet time is essential for the well-being of our soul.
Being a Woman who is very much aware of my surroundings and who and what is around, also sensitive in the things that are not said, sometimes for those of us who are HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) it can all feel a little too much, sometimes I go into observation mode.  There is a lot to be learned in this, so much actually in that sometimes the inaction, silence speaks for itself, people reveal a lot about themselves, me included even in the sense of inactivity.  I do find people rather fascinating.
Sometimes having a little quiet time is so good for the soul, so therapeutic, regenerative.  I can often tell when I feel overloaded I become irritated and snappy.  What I am aware of though is my choices in these moments.  But having said that the realization that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and who the hell is perfect anyway, perfection is but an illusion of the MIND.
We are bombarded with information day in and day out that our brains are overly stimulated, I relish the moments where I can be in the soft glow of candle light and a sensory smell of natural aromatherapy, oh so soothing, oh so therapeutic.  Right at this present moment, I have very little sound around me, well it is much quieter than it was earlier, with a soft glow light on, it feels so soothing.
Sometimes it is also helpful not to THINK, but just allow ourselves to be STILL in the moment.  Often the sound of ones own breathing and the sound of stillness is just soothing, almost like a blanket around you, snuggled and warm offering comfort in the time of need.  If you are anything like me, you will know when you need a soothing sense of stillness.  The key though is being around like minded people who understand it.  Sometimes it is equally as pleasant to be in a room with someone whom you have an affinity with and not say a word, just their mere presence is enough and vice versa, sometimes just the closeness is sufficient.
I do not know what compelled me to write this today, but I have flowed with my inner guidance and just gone with it.
So on this note where are you in the feeling of sensory overload? Are you in tune with your innermost guidance, it is truly a powerful source of inspiration, guidance.  Truly, tap in, try it.
Love & Light Susan xxx
(reposted from my FB page)
Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching

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