The Universe places you right where you need to be. Trust the timing of your life.

Today I wanted to talk about the beautiful prospect of universal law and timing.  Today as I was travelling back to my hometown, sadly I missed my connection and had to wait another 2 hours 30 minutes ready for my next connection.  I was talking with a close friend and I suddenly had a moment, what I call Aha moments, I said to her you never know maybe there is a reason why I missed that connection, reason for everything.

When I finally got on the coach, which was running late due to traffic, I could not help but feel a real sense of relief, I knew I had a busy day tomorrow, plus I wanted to get home to my family.

As I sat down I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and watched as the other passengers got on the coach, immediately a young gentleman got on the coach and made eye contact, I had a feeling that he was going to sit close by, my intuition was correct.  We struck up a conversation and got into a real deep conversation about life, as it transpired there was a real resonance and an understanding as to the deep principles of spirituality and life, it was to be an enlightening conversation that made the travel time go quicker as we both discussed the wonders of life.

What struck a real nice chord with me, is that this young gentleman was a couple of years younger than my youngest Son and it was really interesting to hear his perspectives on life, which we both discovered where in sync with each others, I did feel quite smiley at how the whole evening had panned out, I had gone from feeling stressed to missing my connection to thoroughly enjoying a conversation, sharing what I do for a living and making a connection and networking, it happens spontaneously at times, I suddenly thought, “look at that” an evening that went all wrong, where nothing went right to having a conversation on a very deep level.  I felt that in some instances both had been positioned exactly where we needed to be, you see we can live a life of each one teach one and one never truly knows when or how that is going to happen.  I had already had two beautiful conversations with two beautiful souls in my life and this felt like another opportunity had been afforded, I felt that the Universe had orchestrated this scenario exactly the way that it needed to be, we both ended up sharing pearls of wisdom, the trip went smoothly and before you know it, we where both at our destination.

The moral of sharing this today is always look for a pearl of wisdom or a ray of sunshine in a cloud, things did not go right to get back home but some joy proceeded after, sometimes we are placed in a position that we may not imagine, be open to opportunities, once I had gotten over the initial shock of things not going right I put my practical, logical hat on, and thought okay maybe there is a reason why there was a delay, may you have been placed to support another in their time of need via a message, a word of encouragement, or vice versa you never know, try to look on the bright side when things do not pan out or go according to plan, quite often it results in synchronicity and timing, reminding yourself that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in any given moment, embrace what shows up with an open mind and go forward with a smile, for you never know you might make a difference to someone.

Keep your mind open to life’s opportunities for they are every present if you have eyes and a heart and a mind to be open to receive.

Have a great week ahead.

In love and light Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching brooke-campbell-44085.jpg

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