A Little Help, Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.

Today I have been asked to support a cause, I do believe in causes, I do believe in the power of Unity and I do believe in the power of working together to achieve an objective, I believe in the power of love, of sharing, caring, unity.

It can feel difficult to ask for help sometimes through fear of judgement, through fear of peoples perception that you are not coping, but do you know what, many many years ago we lived in a world that was filled with Love, community spirit, a fostering of sharing, caring, many could pop into their neighbour, borrow a cup of sugar, get a cup of milk because they had run out to make a cuppa.

Nowadays Facebook and social media has removed some of that personal touch, but it does have its bonuses and positive aspects such as reaching a wider audience and media.  Indeed there are polarities in everything, there are pros and cons for everything for every aspect of actions.

I wanted to share something that is heartfelt that touches the very soul of humanity today, that touches the soul of family life, of a threat to the nucleus of a family that threatens to break that bond that cannot be broken despite anything that goes on in that family.   I ask today for assistance across the world to support this young man receive the treatment that he so much needs in order for him to heal for him to be able to stay with his family, for his family to continue to enfold him in their arms, to enfold him in their loving care and give him some time.  Illnesses break families, they break spirits and they break bonds, please may I ask if you would consider please supporting this family by donating something (every little helps) to support this young man go to Germany to receive the treatment that he so much needs, that will enable him to have a piece of happiness, for his family to be able to see him evolve, grow, smile and for them to have some joy together, I attach a link for his Go fund me, which was originally started up by my friend Angeline Sentence who knows the family, I have shared the link across my social network sites, even sharing the link will help, if you will please, your support would be greatly appreciated to give some joy back to a young man and his family who are fighting so very hard to bring some joy back into their lives, we all need a helping hand, it is not a weakness to ask it shows courage, strength, it shows a capacity to actually be true to ones soul in saying “we need help” “I need help” and we could all do a little of that at times.


The Powell family and Jayden would be so very grateful.

We need to lift the vibration up in LOVE, I cannot think personally there is a greater way to show it

In love and light

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xxrobert-baker-53757938794424_l

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