Is your Jar Half Full or Half Empty!

Revisiting an earlier theme of the jar, where one puts into it all of the positive blessings one has received throughout the year, it was so uplifting to go through it at the end of the year on NYE, write down all of the positive things, the accomplishments, the gifts received, it really helps put a perspective on viewing ones jar half full rather than half empty.

Humaness at least that is what I call it, is the capacity to ebb and flow like the waning moon in ones thoughts, feelings and emotions, sometimes we can feel a little bogged down, well at least I know I can get moments of feeling a little so so, ones vibration feels a little low, sometimes for reasons we know, sometimes inexplicable, anyone that states they are positive and grinning 24/7 and 365 days of the year, in my personal opinion is a little rather “unrealistic” shall we say, we do have to address the moments of both feeling uplifted, bright, perky, happy, buoyant against the feelings of feeling a little sad, low and lacking in energy.  This is where strategies to uplift come into it, strategies to uplift, like my earlier post of looking for the sun amongst the clouds.

You will be surprised just how much your soul feels great at the end of the year going through your jar to discover that you actually achieved so much more in one year than you had anticipated, you had been acknowledged more than you realised, you had been loved more than you realised, human nature is often to focus on the negative, we have been conditioned in matters of cynicism and20180209_170558 subliminal negative messages, so it is all to easy to tap into what is not working, rather than what IS.

So I thought I would share your Half Full Jar, you can label it whatever you like, call it what you like, put in it whatever you like, just as long as at the end of the year you have something to look back and view it with a smile on your face and saying to yourself, that year was a good year after all 🙂 remember we have to create our own Sunshine, it is our responsibility, know one else’s, only we are responsible for how we feel, what we do and how we choose to respond.

In love & Light

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xxx

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