Have faith that what is for you will be revealed.

We fight to hold on and we fight to let go!

But sometimes the biggest thing that you can do is to release, let go and no longer fight, the biggest challenge at times is trying to hold on with a sense of control, when in actual fact letting go will be the biggest release of stress that you can allow yourself.

Yes I know, there are feelings attached as to why you may be holding on, but sometimes when obstacles are constantly faced just maybe one needs to consider a few things, maybe what you are aspiring to or for, it simply isn’t the right timing for its fruition, another may be it simply isn’t for you.  The pain associated with disappointment, loss feeling aggrieved is often as a result of holding on, maturity, wisdom and experience are our greatest teachers and as we mature we do get a sense of when to hold on and when to let go.

In addition we do go through a series of cycles in terms of timeframes in relation to our motivation, desire, hope, aspiration, dreams and our energy can fluctuate, but where does one draw the line? in terms of holding on and letting go? only you will know the answer to that, only your gut (inner voice) will tell you when to hold on and when to let go.

So today I ask where are you holding on unnecessarily? and where are you letting go?

If you feel something is right for you in your core in your soul, do that, it will either be for you or it won’t trust that, trust yourself, either way it is always a win win situation, if something is for you, great, if it isn’t nothing is lost, simply a learning and the capacity to go to re-evaluate and try something different.

Nothing is ever in vain for every experience positive and negatives have their place.

Life is like a book with a chance to create a new chapter on a regular basis, you decide 🙂


In love & beautiful light,


Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xxinstaquote-09-02-2018-14-51-04

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