Regeneration and Re-charging your Energy.

Hi there, Pause.004

Today I wanted to make mention of the words Regeneration and Re-Charging, what do these words mean to you?

Is it something that you do automatically? or do you wait until your body is shouting at you? “give me a break”

Our schedules can be hectic, hectic, hectic, busy, busy, busy, constantly on the go, not stopping at times.  Constant interaction with technology, people, phones, television, radio, supporting others, rushing here, rushing there.

How much time do you actually give yourself to take time out for you?   Do you notice the signs when your body feels the need for Regeneration and Re-charging? or do you just continuously push it until you get to the point where you get tetchy, irritable and grouchy?  We all do this from time to time.

We could save ourselves a whole lot of energy by investing and tuning into our body, mind and spirit when it feels tired, exhausted, pushed too far and just simply needs the space to give it a rest.    Perhaps we feel guilty if we allow ourselves to be still and rest?  Hmmmm

I know over the years, many years ago I used to feel bad if I sat still and allowed myself to do nothing, somehow, someway I would feel a desire to fill that space with something, because I felt guilty for not doing something.

This I feel is something that many can identify with?  sound familiar?

But imagine though, you would not expect a car to run on empty would you? same as our bodies, it actually gives us signs and alerts us when it needs to be rested, regenerated and re-charged.

Quite often I feel the guilt can set in when we feel we are being judged by others, therefore leaving a feeling of needing approval from others.  In essence we are responsible for how we treat our body not others.  We are living in it, we are vibrating in it and it is only ourselves that can understand and know how it feels.

In the process of learning to listen and tune in to your body’s needs, as we mature and grow, and need less approval from others, it is important to give yourself the capacity for regeneration and re-charging.  Imagine if you feel you have had a good night’s rest how beautiful and bright you feel the next day.

I now listen and allow myself the space to “Just be” just allow myself some time to be in a quiet space, whether it be

  • Meditating
  • Taking a hot soak
  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Doing some colour therapy
  • Doing something which involves creativity
  • or simply sitting in silence.  (how many actually do that), it can feel really beautiful to sit in silence and just allow yourself a moment to reflect, take stock, take time out and just allow your thoughts to settle into nothingness, try it.

So perhaps next time when you start to feel emotions rising such as irritation, grouchiness, being snappy, ask yourself do I need to give myself a little bit of “Time out”, do I need to Regenerate and Re-charge.  Try it, I promise you once you start doing it on a regular basis, you won’t regret it.

“Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration.  Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are”.

Quote Jack Kornfield

“Simply allow yourself to Just Be”

In Love & Light

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xx


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