Good  Morning,

I felt compelled to write these two powerful emotive words this morning as I witnessed an ever present undercurrent of discord by others who are quite happy to put others efforts down, you see the truth is many only see an end objective as a result of action taken to get to that point, the do not see what goes on behind the scenes and what is involved, there is far too much judgement in this World, not enough love and a real focus on the negative, subliminal undercurrent messages of criticism fostered by many who may choose to vibrate at their lower level of their existence, you see when we feel a sense of discord or dissatisfaction regarding “self” what we may have not achieved, or simply just a real sense of dissatisfaction in where one is in this present moment.

Sometimes those feelings, emotions can be projected onto others, in the forms of gossip, negative self talk, criticising others and not focusing on ones own journey, but rather a choosing to focus on someone else’s, after all deflection is another means of procrastination, it is easier to point the finger of self loathing at others than it is to direct it and go inwards to ourselves.

The only real measure of personal development is to allow oneself the opportunity to truly go within and look in the mirror at what it is that you discover may not be working, what keeps repeating and what it is that you feel you may not like, that though is not always an easy journey, it actually takes courage to look in that harsh mirror and witness the truth staring back at you.

I do believe that if we discover an irritant in another, then the very thing that we feel triggered by in them we actually hold those same traits within us.

I never cease to feel a sense of amazement at the Universe and its messages that become present, I created the Vibrating Heart this Morning with the Words HOPE with an acronym, not long after I decided to utilize some of my personal development resources and shuffled and pulled out a card from my Buddha Discovery Deck, I do aspire to the principles of Buddhism because I feel that it is gentle, kind, non judgemental, non conformist, it doesn’t box or label a doctrine or discipline it simply just flows and is allowed to BE, I truly love that, there is enough emphasis and expectations placed on being spiritual beings having human experiences on a daily basis.

So as I pulled out the card that felt right, I smiled, because it actually resonated with a post earlier on Facebook and with the creative post that I had created earlier with the vibrating heart, I felt compelled to draw reference to focusing on lifting the energy of the Universe through LOVE rather than HATE, oh believe you me don’t think for one moment that I have some airy fairy illusion of these two emotive words, I don’t I am very clear on the fact that each hold a capacity to give off very clear energies when both are displayed in their truth, I just personally choose to focus on the positive, if I do get moments where my vibration feels a little lower than usual, I usually keep myself quiet, meditate and allow myself to flow through any feelings until they pass.

So I share with you today a message of HOPE in the form of an acronym and today’s Buddha Discovery Deck, I am positive that some will resonate.

It was Bob Marley Birthday yesterday and I posted one of his Tracks “There’s so much Trouble In The World”, I think you will agree, I am in full agreement, so today and every other day my focus is going to be on lifting the planet up in the vibration of LOVE, it is so needed, after all, we all need it.

Have a beautiful love filled Wednesday.

In Love & Light,

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching xx

All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.
We need a totally different World

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2 thoughts on “LOVE not HATE

  1. Another awesome post sis Sue. I believe that people are focused on fear-filled media stories which incite fear, doubt and the illusion we call hate. People need to spend time turning inward and the hate will disappear. The world is a place that reveals only that which we choose to feed our minds. Change our inner world and the outer world changes. I believe that we can have ‘heaven’ here on earth; when enough of us focus on the positive the world will change for us all.

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