You are Enough!

I have just completed a live video in my Group Spiritual Thoughts and Reflections.  The Journey on being authentic in a world where there are expectations from “others” to perform, or be a specific way is vast.

We all come with an inner critical voice that is and has been part of our earlier conditioning, upbringing, from peers, social conditioning, work colleagues, expectations from Government of being a particular way.  An expectation of entering adulthood to behave a certain way, be a certain way.  When we are children we are innocent pure unbridled, untamed, non-conformist to a degree and unconditional, I do think that there needs to be an aspect to us now as individuals to retain some of that youthfulness, innocence, the world is fraught and heavy with an expectation to be positive, I am very aware of this as a motivator, a mentor and a coach, the mentality of being positive 24/7 365 days of the year, in my mind is unrealistic against the reality of simply being spiritual beings having human experiences, there are going to be days that one may not feel quite as bright as usual and a little below parr, and do you know what, that is okay, as the old saying goes, “You can take a Horse to Water, but you can’t force it to drink”, one has to be open, receptive and ready to be positive to allow positivity to permeate ones being because you are in that right space, in that moment.  It got me thinking this morning about encouragement of knowing that You Are Enough!, simply as you are and that the most important approval that you will ever gain, is the approval of “Self”, some may think this self business is narcissistic, is it? or is it self preservation and self-care?

We are very much conditioned not to think of self, to always think of others, or one is selfish, but a balance must be achieved, the recognition that “You Are Enough” is certainly a unique journey to some, especially if you have had or continue to have a mentality of always pleasing others, the challenge often for those close to you, when you start counting yourself, as I matter too, you will be deemed “Selfish” because after all, years of conditioning of you continuously doing for others is a hard pattern to break, but remember you will be enough for others, when you start believing that You Are Enough for YOU, the transition of pleasing people and pleasing yourself can be a long one and a journey which will flag up those who are supposed to be in your life and those who you may have outgrown, and vice versa, remembering it is a two way street.

So today I ask you to consider and affirm to yourself that being nice to yourself, loving yourself, ensuring that your self talk is an act of kindness can foster that feeling of the journey and the learning of self approval.  YOU ARE ENOUGH and you believing this, is all you truly need.

Have a beautiful Tuesday ensuring that your self talk is honest, positive and loving, giving yourself the Love that you so readily give to others.


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