Trusting our Gut v Instinct.

Aren’t they the same, well no actually there is a difference, Instinct is leaning toward a particular behaviour as opposed to a learned response.  Intuition is an inner feeling that cannot be explained, rather felt on a conscious and non conscious level which can be explained by rationale’, in between the two it is bridging the gap.  We know when we feel something by instinct as we may “react” whereas when it relates to Intuition it comes from a deeper place of bridging the gap between our conscious thought and our non conscious thought.

An example being feeling that something just isn’t right, it usually isn’t, however the norm though is to rationalize these feelings and down play them as a means of trying to perhaps get something to fit.

I woke up this morning with a feeling there was something that I must do, usually my rational mind would talk me out of it, what if this, what if that, but this, but that, but over the years I have been challenging this inner critic that will often talk us out of doing something or acting, now when I feel something I try my hardest to act.  In truth I had been feeling the ripples of it from a deep place yesterday, I went to sleep with it in mind, woke up and decided to act and resolve it from my own personal truth’s perspective, I can then let it go, give myself space for what comes up next.   I wrote this morning that getting in touch with your Souls Truth is an act of courage, not an act of weakness, it takes great pains to be in your Truth, own it and start living it, that does not mean in any shape or form, “perfect”, I do not believe such a word exists, it is but an illusion of an expectation of our mind.

So when was the last time that your inner intuitive voice has been tugging away at you? alerting you to some inner workings that are perhaps making themselves felt in the non subconscious part of your soul?

Did you ignore it? if so, why? what holds you back from taking that risk to listen to it, trusting your gut takes experience, wisdom, trust of self, also a learning not to expect anything more or anything less, other than a complete deliverance of you owning what you feel is right for you, there is no right or wrong, it simply just IS. 

Go on, give it a try, dare yourself to be bold, what do you have to lose?

Have a great weekend, go in love and light, and do not dim your light at the expense of others feeling you are glowing too brightly, each soul has their unique individual light, and yours is your right.

With love & light, Susan xxxshoaib-sr-479145

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