Emotional Vulnerability


I was prompted by a great post today to write this, it was a post that I do agree with about emotional vulnerability, February is the theme for Love, but in truth we ought not to need a month dedicated to Love, everyday ought to be about Love, some may consider such writing as airy fairy, but in truth we as humans are designed for Love, it is what we have all been designed for in the grand scheme of life, to love, procreate and to share with another.  Why is it then, that some connections pose more challenging than others, one only has to look at the postings in relation to Twin Flame connections and how these pose such heartfelt emotionally triggering scenarios of the heart.

In truth, being vulnerable is scary for anyone in a way, along come so many thoughts if we do allow ourselves to be vulnerable, such as I am going to be judged, I am going to be laughed at, my feelings are not going to be heard or validated, they won’t understand, I will feel out of control, I feel fearful, I feel scared, but in truth isn’t love really and truly about exposing all aspects of ones persona? warts and all?

yes I think so, the key objective though is finding a mate that speaks the same language as you do, that in truth can be a challenge for some, that can be the biggest challenge of all, you see there are so many facets, factors and combinations I believe that go into making a union successful, but I do feel the most important ones are, openness, communication, trust, authenticity and a willingness to expose yourself even at the risk of being hurt, love does hurt, so many articles and so many Relationship gurus say that it ought not too, but in an ideal world we may have a desire for the perfect partner, but who on earth is perfect, and isn’t perfection just an illusion of our minds? yes I think so, perfection does not exist, risk exists in love, there is always going to be a risk when one enters into a contract with another, yes a contract, because there are some soul contracts that we may have chosen from a previous lifetime that are continued in your current lifetime, those trauma bonds are hard to break, they are not the easiest, they take time, they take effort, they take tears, they take heartache, they take sadness and they take grief, but those can be the greatest of Teachers.  But the true essence of me writing this today was about emotional vulnerability, authenticity and owning your own truth, the desire, will and want to share your real emotional vulnerability with another.

It is everyone’s right to their own truth, their own feelings, there is no right or wrong, the challenge I feel can be if a connection affords one whom is more open and one is closed, sometimes that can feel like even though one is open and honest and that they share their feelings sometimes the other person may not be able to reciprocate in the same manner, is it a mismatch of vibrational energy, perhaps! is it a mismatch of language, perhaps, the truth is it is only when both are able to truly express themselves in their true potential, authentic and powerful truth from the heart can there be a free flow and exchange of love, for in this space there is a statement saying I trust you with my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts, my vulnerabilities, my heart, I trust you to take care of it and treat it with respect as I you.

Sadly though, looking at all the statistics in terms of the love advice columns, phone ins, articles, celebrity breakups, there is clearly a dysfunction and mismatch in how many communicate with each other, perhaps it is time for us not to settle, but to truly be honest first with ourselves and then with other about our needs, desires and wants, it is the only way that we can truly reach a true potential of connecting with another on a soul level on what feels right for both.

Love ought not to feel hard, but sadly, it is, it is not love itself, it is people that make it harder.

Set your standards realistically, not too hard but in your personal truth in addressing what feels right for your soul and its vibration and understand that it is another’s right to do the same, the key though is honesty at all times, this then offers the potential of choice.

The truth sets us free.

In love & Light Susan xxx


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