North Node v South Node, the pathway to your Soul Growth Evolution

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Wow what an interesting discovery yesterday I made, I am always on a quest for knowledge, thirsty even, yes, its the truth.  I discovered yesterday two aspects of ones Astrological profile the North Node aspects and what it means.  The North Node means ones current path of Evolution, their actions and behaviours in this lifetime.  Whereas the South Node relates to past conditions and default behaviours that one intrinsically falls back on as a default, because you have been there before in a previous incarnation.  Interesting for those who are seekers of truth, knowledge and a desire to understand themselves even further.

A quest for the Truth, the journey to learning to understanding others, I do believe is to understand yourself first. Remembering too that we are never finite, never completely, complete as we evolve, grow and change on a regular basis, we can wake up one day thinking, feeling being a particular way, yet in the blink of an eye, the day after things can change, hence why it is important never to take anything for granted, but be and feel “Thankful” for each day.

The key of the South Node in your Astrological chart is those behaviours that you sit with in their comfortable familiarity can be self limiting.  After all the truth is, that we do not grow in our comfortableness, in our familiarity and comfort zones, it is out of our comfort zones where we push ourselves, almost like that moment of “Birth” where we are forced out of the womb to a cold and world we do not yet understand.  Coming out of our comfort zones feel like that, don’t you think? hell yes, I feel that they do, one almost feels squeamish in its newness of not yet knowing what will unfold, what we are to emerge too, the truth is as you age and grow in wisdom you gain strategies and coping mechanisms to get you through, the truth is, it is not how you FALL but how you RISE.

I discovered that I have Cancer in my 7th Astrological House in my North Node, my goodness it is set to challenge me personally in my personal relationships with others, in a previous lifetime I discovered that I chose to work my Ass off at the expense of indulging in relationships, closed myself off, what a “Revelation” what a shock, I went to bed thinking omg!!! but the beauty is, the Truth sets us free and discovery and knowledge is power for Growth, oh yes I intend to utilize this new found information to support others on their journey, through my soul coaching.  My style and approach is not for everyone, but that is okay, I accept this, I also trust the Universe and Souls to gravitate because there is a resonance and understanding, I will always maintain that our Tribe Attracts Our Tribe.

So today I ask you to consider and ask you, Where do you feel at your most uncomfortable? where and what do you feel most challenged in? because you know what, this will be the area that you will and can be afforded your most authentic, truthful, cataclysmic growth, if you allow yourself to push through the feeling of being uncomfortable, after all, who feels comfortable shedding old skin? but it is oh so necessary as a part of your Evolution and personal growth.  Today I am wiser than yesterday and brighter than the day before and this I feel truly blessed and thankful for.

So Where are you uncomfortable?

If I can support you in any way by sharing my wisdom and learning, it would feel an honour to share your journey and watch your growth, with a smile at watching you bloom.

Get in touch @ if you have an area in your life that you feel you need support with, I come with a wealth of wisdom, experience, teaching, learning and continuous personal growth.

Where are you repeating your patterns of your previous lifetime that is hindering your personal growth for your path to Evolution in your current lifetime now? (food for thought)

In Love & Light, Susan xxx

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2 thoughts on “North Node v South Node, the pathway to your Soul Growth Evolution

  1. Yes, sis Sue, Astrology is a fascinating subject. This is the second time this week that the ‘Nodes’ have come up for me and really love your discovery suggesting past and present life. So important to know where we are coming from, what we’ve brought with us, what we need to release and what we want to expand. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thank you for another awesome insight.

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