Re-inventions appear to be stronger, wiser

There definitely is something to be said for having a period of deep inner reflection, even as a soul coach, don’t assume for one moment that we do not go through our own personal journey’s, oh yes we do.  The key though, I have found from personal experience is how we Rise after Falling.

It feels quite poignant, exciting to re-emerge differently after coming from a very personal journey.  The beauty though is one can take all the learning, turn the lessons into blessings, impart wisdom and share these pearls of wisdom.

Can you identify when you have had a deep period of introspection? can you remember how you felt? what you did? maybe you would like to comment and share your perspectives, after all, “each one, teach one” for now I very much look forward to sharing pearls of wisdom, insights with you all, I do hope that you enjoy my new site.  It feels terribly exciting.

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