Our Weaknesses can actually be our Strengths!

Ever be told that you are so this, so that?

Have you ever considered when that statement is said to you, it is because the recipient hearing what you may be saying is actually uncomfortable with what you are saying? ahhh emotions, you know those feeling things that some do not feel comfortable with.

Good old Western ways, western society denotes keeping everything tightly under wraps, one simply should not, ought not display too much emotion.  Where does that get anyone though, in truth!!

Suppression of thoughts and feelings in my opinion only serves as a platform to enable ailments to fester, as a result of unresolved and unreleased feelings, emotions, trapped, leaving one emotionally stunted, which then filters through and into ones personal psyche and into ones relationships with others.   Not ever forgetting though, that it is a personal choice, freewill to a degree of how much one chooses to share with self and others, some are quiet, private and hold a great deal in, but where is the line drawn between quietness, privacy against truly expressing ones authentic truth.

I feel it boils down to feel safe to whom you are expressing with, if you do not feel safe then naturally your body will restrict and you will not open up.  But in showing our vulnerability, truth, authenticity, tears, emotions, anger, hurt, disappointment is actually a strength, for it shows that you are actually being honest to your mind, body and your spirit, it can take a little practice though if you are not used to it.

So if you happen to be an expressive person, how courageous is that, if you happen to be a quiet person who finds it difficult to express your true emotions through fear of rejection, worrying about approval of what others think, give it a try, there are only two things that can take place in essence, one your Truth will be denied, de-valued, not heard, watered down, or it will be received with openness and it will offer a free flowing exchange, even so in both scenarios, both serve as a template to give you an indicator of who is vibrating at the same frequency as you, and in either case both are okay, for a great reminder is “Our Vibe does indeed attract our Tribe” feel thankful, grateful for every connection, every comment you receive gives you a personal choice as to how to proceed, go forward or leave it alone, or in some cases evolve with it, it really does depend on how your “gut” feels, you will know, trust it.


With Love & Light, Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching


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