Never stop believing, even in moments where your believe in yourself or what you do is tested.

We do go through mini Births and Deaths and Deaths and Rebirth in our lifetime, several times πŸ’–πŸ’–

I have some news to share, back in the beginning of December I was approached by a Publishers, on this day I remember that I received 2 calls, one after the other, one was about a Careers Advice role, the other was a call from a Publishers, I stated that I would fill out the application for the careers advisory role (experience from 2009 – 2015) being in that the role that I am currently in, in Retail I always knew was a means to an end to ensure that I keep the cog wheel whirring as a means of Employment, thankful for my little job close to home, it has helped. I got to the stage of filling out the application and I just could not do it, I simply wasn’t feeling it, this was after the call from the Publishers, I will say that on that day I explained to my Mum about the call from the Publishers and promptly burst into floods of tears, you see, I have been working hard on my business since 2014, previously called Seeds of Spirit, reinvented to be renamed Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching, not long after the call from the Publisher, it felt right, I went with my inner voice. There has been moments in the last 2 and a half years where I have questioned whether I was on the right track, I have now come to realize the reason why is that I had been defining myself based on what I took very deeply a painful rejection, which has actually afforded me growth in a way that I had not imagined, so I will say thank you to that person, which has opened up further growth, learning and an emerging, slowly of a new reinvented me.

I was approached by the Publishers as their colleague had approached them through seeing my Facebook business page and felt that my business would be well placed in their magazine, Just For Her, now here is the interesting part, it is a magazine that supports the Military, Families, Wives, Girlfriends, Military Personnel, well I am a Military baby, born out of the UK back in 1964 weighing 3lbs 10oz, in a Military Hospital, I thought look at that, my late Father was a Lance Corporal, I had a moment of reflection and thought look at that, this has brought me right back, right square back to my roots, to the roots, I had to smile at “Spirit”, all I could do after this call and accepting and agreeing to advertise my business and invest in m Business and I mean truly invest in a monetary sense in my business, as a means of saying to it, “I believe in you”, so my message to you is never lose faith, you may go through moments where you do, where you question yourself, the process, the journey, the downs, the lows, the highs even, always trust that inner gut which no matter what, when always sits in a quiescent way that glimmers like a candle light that never goes out.

I have always been on the lookout for a new role, and I am pleased to say that I have a new role, as a Brief Intervention Worker, (Hospital Liaison), so all I can do, like I did before is say “Thank you Angels, Thank you Spirit, Thank you Ancestors” for believing in me, walking with me, pushing me, showing me signs that show progress and growth, and never forgetting all those who have walked with me on my Journey, Past, Present and Future. Spirit has brought me right back to the beginning of my Journey, Conception, Birth and now Rebirth, I am blessed, and I am grateful Truly and extremely grateful.

In love & Light Susan xx

Susan Lawrence Soul Coaching

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