Forcing the hand of expectations in Interpersonal Relationships!

Hi There,

its been a little while since my last blog, things have been so beautifully, abundantly busy, that I feel that I have not actually had time to think, plus I am a great believer in going with the flow and allowing information to make itself available when the timing is right.

I am currently researching, evaluating and formulating new learning and knowledge all the time.  Learning is one of my many passions, I viewed a video today shared by one of my beautiful close friends, we are walking a similar pathway.  Indeed at present the Universe is providing many beautiful interpersonal connections which feel so right, so easy flowing and comfortable in their unfolding. Similarly those connections which are a little more challenging in highlighting where growth too is needed.

What got me thinking after viewing the video and the book I am reading, (I will share further insights later and the title) is the dynamics in Interpersonal Relationships and our expectations when we connect with others.

Sometimes from a subconscious level we may not even be aware that we have an expectation, a desire and a need for the me, me, me aspect of our ego selves being dominant.  It is only at times when “other” does something that we feel uncomfortable with, or feel that this ought not to happen, does the shadow aspect of our ego needs manifest, then you can bet your bottom dollar high emotions can arise, sometimes frustration, anger, resentment and the like.

It got me thinking about the 7 energy chakras in our body, I am going to relate the “I” aspect of our ego to the lower chakra, “The Root” which is about survival getting our basic needs met, very similar to when we are born, where we look to our Parents to fulfill our every need, from a spiritual aspect I relate this to a “Lower Spiritual Vibration”, then once we become aware over time from our experiences.  Often traumatic, painful and challenging, can we move on to a “Higher Spiritual Vibration” I shall relate this to the 7th chakra which is conscious awareness.

The key principle is an understanding that we all uniquely have our own Love Language, way we communicate, the way we express, in truth there is no right or wrong.  There ought not to be confusion about setting boundaries and forcing our hand of expectations on “other” because of our unresolved, unmet earlier ego needs.  It is only through the process of meeting the ego part of ourselves which in essence is often mirrored back to us in twin soul connections, or karmic connections that have taken place in a previous lifetime.    These connections are no doubt painful, challenging, difficult.

They separate us from the very thing we desire, but often due to being unaware, or in denial of earlier pain and trauma get inter-played into the dynamics of these exceptionally powerful connections.  The key aspects are transmuting this learning and then applying the learning in practice, that is when true transformation has taken place.

I attach a diagram which shows in my mind the connection between the “I” and the “We” in interpersonal relationships, whether they are in a deep sense, a familial sense, friends or acquaintances.

The key objective in the process of actualization and realization of growth from our lower vibration to our higher vibration is the process of adjustment from moving away from the “I” to the “We”.  I hope this makes sense and isn’t too complex.  I am always happy to talk to anyone if they have any questions.

So then, food for thought, the next time you feel triggered by someone close to react, ask yourself are you operating from an Ego, Fear, Insecure basis, or are you operating from a place of LOVE!

Remembering too that it isn’t wrong to set boundaries in personal relationships, the key though is HOW!


20160322_144732-1.jpgWith love and light, Susan, Seeds of

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