The Perfect way to focus and relax!

Hello there,

I wanted to talk today about Colour Therapy.    How many find it difficult to sit still? because ones mind is racing with I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that, your “To Do” list as long as your arm!

Well I was given a gift last year oI f a beautiful book called colouring for Adults, I tried it and found it to be really relaxing especially in stressful times, high pressure times, or times when there is just so much going on.

The benefits of colour therapy are as follows:-

  • Helps focus
  • Distracts the mind from worrying
  • Distracts the mind from thinking about several things at once
  • It is a way to relax and completely zone into this activity
  • It helps you express your creativity
  • It supports problem solving skills

Today I decided to pop into a charity shop and to my surprise sitting on the shelf was a book called “Colour Yourself Calm”  A Mindfulness Colouring Book, I felt drawn to it, in fact I had bought two other books, one a Novel and one a historical book in relation to the History in relation to the letters of the Alphabet, I thought it would give another slant on my Numerology work.

I followed my intuition and went back in to get it, I cam away with a big smile on my face as I have coloured several pieces in and enjoyed this activity, so very relaxing.

This particular book is colouring in Mandelas which apparently were created as far back as the fourth century as a means of meditation by Buddhist Monks, in this particular book it shows the completed colour version of the Mandela and you have to follow suit with the same colours, its simply beautiful.  It is a very grounding and rooting exercise which in today’s exceptionally fast paced world and existence can feel particularly invaluable as an exercise.

Apparently too completing such an activity also supports, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, the key objective is that in completing such an activity one has no choice but to sit quiet, still and focus completely on the activity, a good thing don’t you think?

A little historical knowledge in relation to Colour Therapy.

Carl Jung the psychologist observed that people with no grounding in Eastern Mysticism drew Mandela-like shapes spontaneously in psychotherapy.  Such drawings are thought to represent an attempt by the conscious self to recognize and integrate unconscious knowledge.  Interesting!!

Today’s book is simply beautiful and recommended, it is titled,

A Mindfulness Colouring Book 20160304_222221-1 (1).jpg

Colour Yourself Calm 

Mandelas by

Paul Heussenstamm

My beautiful bargain for the day, thanking the Universe for the blessings and for this beauty of discovery for its long term benefit is priceless.

Go on give colour therapy a try, you won’t regret it.  Enjoy!


With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology.

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