Forgiving our Parents!

Hi there,

Today I have been reminded of the fragility of life, how in the blink of an eye, Life has the capacity, could have the capacity to change!   It got me thinking about the fragility of life and where it can show up.  Where in a moment we can have a flash and a review of what is important, and what to let go of, because invested energy in it holds no purpose but to keep us stuck to the template of our past.

How many of us can truly say that we hold our Parents accountability for our life not turning out quite as we had hoped?

I feel that in this Western Society there is a blame culture.  There is a culture where it is easy to project onto others and blame them for what isn’t going right in our lives, to blame their Parents, my Parents, didn’t do this, my Parents didn’t do that, this is why I am like this, this is why I am like that.

In truth though imagine if you were given a different journey? would you be the person you are today? would the lessons of your upbringing your life have given you the capacity to grow in the way that you have? even if you are a person who chooses not to take accountability, to blame others.  Perhaps it is easier to project and transfer these emotions and feelings because it just feels far too difficult to face them.  Maybe you don’t quite know how to face those feelings? maybe you don’t quite know where to start? maybe you don’t feel ready.

Today’s message for me was that there is a capacity for things to change in a sudden blink of an eye, I know that sounds bleak, doom and gloom, but in there is one thing in Life that we are know is a guarantee, but we never know when.

It got me thinking today about the blessings and the lessons of our earlier conditioning and what those experiences give rise to in shaping who we are to become as an adult.  We have a choice whether to keep the blame culture going, or to actually say “you know what” I am not going to allow myself to be a victim of my circumstances, my life or my earlier conditioning.

A resilient individual asks the question what is life trying to teach me, whilst the victim says why me?

I know for myself my earlier conditioning was not perfect, but I can honestly tell you though that I would not change one single thing about my earlier experiences, my earlier conditioning and the teaching and lessons pertaining.

Instead of hanging on to my Parents did this, my Parents weren’t that, try asking in a resilient fashion what are my earlier lessons trying to teach me?

What can I possibly learn? where can I grow?  How can I turn the glass half empty to the glass half full?   Where can I give myself the capacity to truly be the best I can be, whilst remembering that in this that it is okay too to also be imperfect.  Perfection is but an illusion of the mind, we can be perfect in our imperfections and accepting of our human behaviors, as long as there is some accountability in this.

Remembering also that it easy to blame ones Parents for what they didn’t do, what they aren’t, but remember too that they too are a product of their own environment, a product of the lessons that they too carried from their own earlier conditioning and upbringing.  If we see perfection in our Parents we are not actually allowing for the fact that they too are human, with the capacity to be able to learn from their own earlier conditioning and lessons.

I feel terribly Thankful for my Parents, the lessons which enabled me to grow and change some aspects of earlier challenges into a brighter and more positive life experience.

So when you get a thought of thinking that it is easier to blame your Parents for what they didn’t do? what they are not? ask yourself the question, would I be here if it wasn’t for them?    Did they do the best that they could do under their circumstances?  Imagine what they too had to experience in relation to what they were shown, how they were shown, and whether they had the courage to view their own glass half empty or half full.

As ever with everything we have a choice to turn our earlier experiences from a lesson into a blessing,  the choice of Freewill is always ours and ours alone.

With Love, Light and Blessings, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xxxxef072405eca6b21567a0f25ad3d80cffforgive1



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