Day No.11 Vibration, Hidden Number 2

Hi There,

Today’s day vibration is the Master Number 11, which relates to a Master Teacher, what is today teaching you? I know I have already today had a big teaching that came unexpected to wake me up even further, to get me to view things like a reflective mirror, interesting that things can come when we least expect them too.

There is a saying, “When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Comes” how many times can you say that you have had some teaching that has been made available to you when you were not expecting it?  it hits you like POW in the solar plexus right?  I know it did me today, I am still reeling from the ripple effects, it is all good though, for the Universe had a message that I needed to hear and it is in preparation of things to come at a later stage, I believe.

Today’s day holds an aspect of duality, firstly, the main number which is the Number 11 vibration and then hidden quietly behind this very profound number 11 is a quieter number 2.  In essence the Number 11 relates as aforementioned to Master Teaching, wisdom, knowledge, Intuition and revelation.  Ironically though, the number 2 also relates to Intuition, co-operation with others.  It is diplomatic in its vibration, it consults with others, it mediates, it communicates with an understanding of respect, understanding, mediation and diplomacy.  Is there something that you need to address today?  in relation to these key aspects?   The key aspect of the number 11 vibration is that you have the freewill to make the day you desire it to be, in accordance to what your Intuition is telling you.  Are you tuned in?  Are you listening? do you desire too? “Freewill”.

The key characteristics of the number 11 and number 2 are as follows:-

Number 11 

  • The acquisition of Spiritual Truths
  • The capacity to be a Leader in its highest vibration in relation to the figures double 1
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • High Intuition
  • Wisdom
  • Old Soul
  • Reincarnation

Number 2 

  • Diplomacy
  • Tact
  • The Mediator
  • Co-operation with others
  • Related to the Moon
  • Related to the High Priestess in the Tarot pack
  • Partnership
  • Calmness
  • Sensitivity

If you have a number 11 and a number 2 in your Numerology makeup you can bet that you will have dual aspects of strong Leadership skills but also the capacity to avoid confrontation, some numbers together can be a challenge in relation to the differing vibration and aspects of both numbers.

In relation to the Chakra’s I feel that the number 11 relates to the Crown Chakra which relates to the key traits as follows:-

  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Spiritual Understanding
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Color is Indigo

In relation to the Number 2, I feel that this number vibration relates to the Sacral Chakra which is the color Orange.  Orange is an excellent color in relation to the following:-

  • Emotions (Ironically the Moon is responsible for our hidden emotions, the subconscious)
  • Sexuality
  • Intimacy

I feel that today’s key aspect in relation to the two differing energies is about obtaining a balance, balancing ones emotions, as your Intuition may be vibrating very strongly today and you may not feel able to feel a sense of being able to cope with all of this influx and flow of strong emotions, the key aspect is trying to retain a sense of balance, grounding yourself by remaining calm, collected and just allowing yourself to tune into the day’s vibration, in relation to the information that you may be receiving.

One thing to have handy especially on a day where Intuition feels exceptionally high is a journal, a pad and a pen to jot down any arising emotions, feelings, recurring thoughts as you start to unfold your writing your intuition will guide you to let you know what the message is, things may be unfolding on a subconscious level, after all, nobody knows you like you know yourself.

So today I ask you, what has today taught you?  if you have not been able to view it in its entirety like a mirror reflecting back to you, what is your Intuition guiding you too today?

Whatever today holds for you, I hope that you allow it to unfold naturally, that you  enjoy the wisdom of your Intuition and the guidance that it is trying to tell you.


With love and light and blessings, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xxxxxxxxxxxxximgf10005314864667-Beautiful-spring-number-2--Stock-Photo-twoaww-0112-1024x683




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