Trusting Synchronicity! The Alert of Timing!

Hi There,

How many times have you heard the same message more than once?  now you may be asking me what message? only you can know what message that I refer too.  An example many years ago I kept seeing a silver van every day whilst on my way to work, every morning, it got to the stage where I started to question this viewing, what is it? what is it showing me?   I have forgotten the name now, but I can still clearly see the silver van and understand now what it was trying to tell me.

How many times have you gone about your daily life, seen something that you keep seeing more than once? keep hearing the same song? more than once? Going to a place that you feel in your physical sense you have not visited before, but when you actually get there a light bulb goes off in your psyche and you think, gosh where, how do I get a feeling of affinity here?

There are many aspects of our soul that give us signs that somehow, someway we may have experienced something to do with a place, a person, a situation, a repeated circumstance.  In this instance we can go through a mental checklist in our heads, tick, tick, tick as we try to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, sometimes though logic doesn’t work, Intuition does, that little inner glow of knowing, that little inner glow of Ah Ha it’s beginning to make sense now.  Now I am beginning to understand.

You see for those who are perceptive and do not miss much they will notice every little detail, on my way to work I would be walking somewhere and I would be drawn to something that caught my eye, something that I felt was beautiful and I would capture it on camera, so you see our eyes are like the eyes of a camera lens, we can choose to zoom in or zoom out.

There may be something that you feel you keep being called to, there may be something that keeps repeating over and over again, the do say that the lesson keeps getting repeated until we learn it.  It is the same with synchronistic signs that are set before our eyes, we can choose to see, hear them or we can choose to ignore.  I believe that everyone has a purpose when they are born into this Earth plane, I believe that we all have something for us to do, the key objective is to discover exactly what this purpose is.

The advantage of synchronicity is the Universe giving us a sign that we are on track, that we have a choice whether to take notice and act, or notice and do nothing.   What is your current passion? what signs have you noticed in your daily life? what signs do you see, hear that are being repeated to you?

Are you living a life that gives you Passion, Purpose and Motivation? if not? why not? what is preventing you from living a life that makes you feel truly content, happy, peaceful and abundantly blessed to wake up to each day?

Just perhaps, it may be time, if you desire, if you are open, if you are ready to let the Universe show you the signs that it is trying to speak to you to show you exactly what your purpose is, tune in, go on, I dare you 🙂

With love, light, blessings and abundant love, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xxxx 117428cf709110e5964f16394092f439eyeball+nebuale++WRITING



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