The gift of Love!

Today I got thinking about LOVE, yes, that beautiful warm fuzzy feeling that we all aspire too, that we alove-yourself32313ll need, that we all truly want.  But do you feel loved? sometimes we can feel unappreciated, unloved, unacknowledged, invalidated in the way that we receive Love.

But what about Loving ourselves, when we constantly seek validation from others for the Love we so desire then we are placing power in another persons hands, when in actual fact the capacity to feel Love should start with US.

Love comes from having a healthy self esteem, some are given positive examples of such, some are blessed with an innate sense of self-love and some have to work hard at it.  Some may even question why aren’t I loved? why does Love elude me so? what is it about me?

One thing I have come to realize is that Life’s journey will give us in our mirrors of reflection lessons where we have the power or the choice to become a victim or a survivor of LOVE.  Indeed, we have all been there, where we have been hurt so bad that we do not know if we are going to survive the pain, if we are ever going to be the same, or if we are going to actually be able to Love again.

I have dipped into the book by Gary Chapman, which was initially introduced to me by a friend, which relates to the 5 Love Languages, we each have our own unique Love Languages whereby we feel that our language is being heard, or in some instances, and quite a few I feel from reading many columns and books, where they feel that their Love language is not quite heard, appreciated in a way that they feel is needed for them.

But take the concept of unconditional Love, I fight with this concept, not because I don’t feel it exists but I feel that sometimes it may be viewed as a means of accepting whatever takes place in a loving relationship.  In truth though we can love the person, but we may at times not like their behavior.  True? yes? No? you decide.

There are many expressions of Love, many ways to Love and many means, the key aspects are recognizing such, we may not always feel validated or acknowledged in a way we truly desire, but when we have a moment to reflect, we only give power away to others by choice.  The key objective is learning to accept yourself unconditionally, love yourself unconditionally accept yourself for who you are, whilst being aware of any foibles that may need to be addressed, after-all, not one of us is perfect, but we are all imperfect in our imperfections, we are all a constant work in evolving progress.

When you feel unloved, ask yourself am I truly unloved? or do I just need to love myself more?

With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xxxx

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