Day Number 9 Vibration!

Today’s day number is a number 9 which relates to Karma, letting go.  The number 9 is also humanitarian in its aspects, a very benevolent, loving number, but quite symbolic of being at the end of a cycle.  There can be some form of closure that needs to take place today, whether this be in terms of spiritual enlightenment, a light bulb of awareness going off in your head, or perhaps the reality that somewhere, somehow you have reached the end of the road with something.

Do remember however, that behind every ending is the capacity for a bright new door of opening is beckoning and waiting for you to walk right on in.

The life-path number 9 has had a significant impact in my own life and with this vibration this is where most of my learning and teaching have taken place, in that process though it has been painful, but so enlightening once I have managed to get through that pain, I decided to utilize that pain to keep going with my vision, this is my creative baby, Seeds of Spirit, this is my vision, I never allow myself to lose sight of that, coupled with what else I am working on, in relation to my souls calling.

What is it that you need to let go of today? what is it that you have become aware of in terms of your karma?  for those that are spiritually awake, they will have a sense of an intuitive knowing of what that is, especially if you are in tune with this intuition? for those that aren’t they will become aware and awaken when they are ready.  Indeed, when the Student is ready the Teacher comes!

The characteristics and traits of the number 9 are as follows:- (do you recognize any of these in yourself?)

  • Humanitarian
  • Philanthropy
  • Compassion
  • The ability to reach out to all humanity
  • The spiritualist
  • The globalist
  • Being aware of Universal Law

It is important for such a beautiful compassionate number that has the capacity for Birth and Death scenarios, Beginning and ending scenarios to ensure that it sets boundaries though otherwise it can feel that it is being taken advantage of.

I liken this vibration to the 7th Chakra the Crown Chakra, the color is Indigo which is about Cosmic Consciousness, Understanding and Enlightenment.

Whatever you have planned for today, you may be feeling humanitarian like you desire to help those around you, support in some, support your wider Community, this is always a beautiful thing in the flow of Universal Law for it is important both to give and receive.

Wishing you all a beautiful, blessed and enjoyable Saturday and weekend.

With Love and Light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology   xxxxx

number 9
Humanitarian, Benevolent, Compassionate, Loving, Regenerating 




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