Why does it appear so hard to count ones blessings?

For some time I have been noticing undercurrents where there feels a focus on others, rather than focusing on ourselves,  negativity, the focus being on people not being happy to see others succeed, jealousy, envy, why is that?

You see at times it may be easier for people to look at others rather than go inwardly and reflect on what is happening with them, what part they may have to play, for in truth it is never a one way street.

Over the years I have taught myself to focus only on what I have the will and power to change, be it by mind set or physically, we as you know are not responsible for others behavior or actions, but what we are responsible for is how we choose to respond.

I often feel that the more we focus on those uncomfortable feelings, which many don’t like to admit, such as Greed, Envy, Jealousy, wanting what others have then one is going to create that negative vibration.  There is a key concept to realize and that everyone has their own unique strengths, everyone has their own unique journey, we may have similarities with others but our journey will not be an exact blue print of theirs.  Therefore, why does it seem so hard for some to embrace other’s successes? usually I feel it is born out of two things, insecurity and lack of confidence.  There is a reflective mirror that can take place and for some it may be because in seeing others Count-our-blessings-quote they may feel that their own light is a little less bright.

Therefore the focus becomes on the person who chooses to SHINE!! then shifts the focus away from self, often it is easier for some to project and shift the focus away because it may feel like too much effort to look within.  However, there is an aspect if the focus and mindset were to be shifted on what one actually has, rather than what one hasn’t the mindset can become more focused, feel more vibrant and positive.

I love to see people succeed, why? because it is their journey, they have seen potential within themselves and have made a conscious choice to utilize their potential to the best of their ability, so instead of others focusing on what others are doing why not shift the focus and allow yourself to focus on YOU, what is your potential? ask yourself where can I shine? what are my gifts? where can I utilize these to become more resourceful, more creative, more vibrant and more useful?

So when the focus becomes on others, focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t or what others are doing, I tell you it is one of the greatest feelings being and feeling responsible only for yourself, it takes less energy actually, it lifts ones spirit up and allows you to develop and give yourself your full potential to RISE AND SHINE!! 

So please do.  Count your Blessings, one by one. Often we have so much more than we think we have viewed in the eyes of a glass half full!

With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xx

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