Day number 8 Vibration

Good Morning today’s energy vibrates on at a number 8, now the number 8 is powerful, dynamic and can be quite forceful in its energy, in particular it is important to ensure that one doesn’t be too forceful, it can be quite a bolshie, pushy vibration, certainly no nonsense.

The characteristics and traits of this vibration can be the following:-

  • Energetic
  • Leadership
  • Courageous
  • Has ambition
  • Dedicated and responsible
  • Typical to Management

if one is vibrating in its positive sense then all of the above will be apparent.   However from ones studies there is a realization that in our own Numerology number we can have positive and negative aspects and vibrate from any of those.  Bearing in mind that the human personality is not one dimensional but multi-faceted, we do bounce from different energies in accordance with how we feel, what is going on, and our emotions at the time, the key objective though is awareness of those feelings and how we choose to deal with them, whether to take accountability and responsibility or project them onto others.

The 8 in its lowest vibration can be as follows:-

  • Arrogant
  • Bossy
  • Controlling
  • Have no tact or diplomacy
  • Tyrannical
  • Want, Want, Want, Greedy
  • Only think about themselves

In a Management sense there is no doubt that Leadership skills are a must, but it is how one manages, I often think that to be an effective Manager the treatment of its staff is paramount as what you put in you will get back, if staff feel valued, appreciated and respected, acknowledged and validated it is likely that the outcome will be productive staff.   I have likened it to this scenario as the number 8 relates to the vibration of Leadership.

The number 8’s vibration also relates to key aspects of Security, Power, attainment and achievement, it is not afraid of hard work, it is ambitious, it goes after what it wants with tenacity and strong will, the key objective here though is HOW?

In terms of the Chakra’s the number 8 vibrates to the Solar Plexus

Numbers, floral design. See also numbers in my gallery
Power, Materialism, Leadership, Energy

(Naval) the color Yellow, which relates to Energy, Vitality, Desire and Power, a forceful combination don’t you think?

The number 8 also has the power to destruct, break down what no longer is desired or works, it is a powerful vibration and whilst there are positives and negatives in any number vibration, being aware of its power and how it plays out in your personality and chart is essential.

The key objective is utilizing this force in its positive and being aware of how the negative could have far reaching consequences, enjoy your day with this powerful vibration, especially if you feel it can make for a productive day where you will achieve what you set out.

What have you set your mind on achieving today? how are you going to achieve this? in its positive? or in its negative? the choice is yours.


With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit, Spiritual Coaching and Numerology xxx


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