If your Plan A didn’t work there are plenty more letter in the Alphabet!

I woke up this morning thinking about plans, thinking that with all the will in the world, sometimes our Plan A may not work, doesn’t work.  The realization that plans at times can never be truly finite or fixed in stone.  You see life can throw a spanner in the works, throw a gauntlet and then this can totally change the dynamics of ones original plan.

The key over time is to learn to go with the tide, it can throw you off course and throw you into a sense of “oh my gosh” what am I going to do now?   Those are usual emotions, reactions and responses to an unexpected change, quite normal.

Bearing that in mind though there is always the capacity to start over again with another plan, take the Alphabet for instance, I always say if Plan A didn’t work, doesn’t work, there is always a Plan B, C , D.  The key objective is not giving up, especially if one truly believes in what one is trying to achieve in the first place with a sense of inner conviction.

The key principle is not giving up at the first hurdle.  It is different if one has tried and tested something and then there is the realization that it simply isn’t going to work, isn’t for you, you have changed your mind, that is different.  Plans are never totally fixed in stone, we can change course if we choose.

Remembering that we have the power of controlling our own wheel of life, we are in the driving seat, it is our choice and choices that determine the outcome.  So when you are faced with a situation with feelings of frustration, shock, anger and disbelief regarding a plan you have put in place, going wrong, all is not lost.

Remember you have the power to go back to the drawing board and start all over again with renewed thoughts, fresh ideas, learning from what did not work the first time, with a fresh eye in implementing your next plan, Plan B, and if need be keep going until you get there.

The only pressure that we are sometimes under is the pressure that we place on ourselves because of our expectations, the desire for everything perfect, but within this where is the flexibility for possible change? an unexpected event, situation or circumstance?.

All is not lost, use the letters of the Alphabet to keep going until you get there.  The power is in your hands.

What plan are you implementing today?


Have a blessed, positive and productive Thursday.

With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. xx12790857_10208921998386069_7015217447268990816_n


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