Turning Life’s Lessons into Blessings!

There is absolutely no doubt that we are all faced with Lessons, Life Lessons, sometimes we create these ourselves, and sometimes life throws these lessons at us for us to learn something from the experience.

There is absolutely no doubt in the very first instance that the reaction can be some of the following:-

  • Shock
  • Anger at others
  • Anger at self
  • Denial
  • Looking for others to blame
  • Moments of reflection
  • Moments of what if, why? why did I do that? why did it happen?

Then as we go through the process there can be different emotions and feelings that emerge for those who are becoming more conscious, for those that are honest with themselves, in touch with themselves, and for those that aren’t it will be a way of escape looking for others to blame, pass the buck or not be accountable or responsible for the lesson.

For those that are honest with themselves there can be questions such as,

  • What is the lesson here, how can I turn it around to a blessing?
  • What is it that I need to learn? need to know? understand?
  • What part have I played in this process?
  • Do I react or respond?
  • What choices do I make now?
  • is there capacity to turn it around? and turn it into a blessing
  • Is this going to be a defining lesson that I can put in my book of Life’s experience?

We may think that we have it all covered and we may think that we have it all mapped out.  But how many of us are really ever prepared for those eventualities that take us by surprise?

A moment of madness, a knee jerk reaction which has a ripple effect.  As we grow and mature we start to become conscious of our choices, conscious of our decisions and conscious of the effects that any choices we make on ourselves, on others.  There will always be judgment from others who may not quite perhaps understand our choices, decisions, but in truth how can they? are they walking a mile in our shoes?

There is an old saying “He/She who knows it feels it” oh boy is that right, for many may sit in judgment oooooh I would not do this, I would not do that, but until one is in those shoes, who knows what one would do.  But the actual blessing is actually turning any challenging, learning situation from a lesson into a blessing, we may not see it at the time, but there is always a blessing in every lesson, even when we are in the thick of it.

Last year was set to be a very painful year emotionally, a cataclysm, it hurt like hell, I felt broken for a period of time, it took me some time to bounce back, it may take me a little time, but bounce back I will.  I now see and understand the lessons and I have now chosen to turn these into a blessing, to learn from it, to understand it on a deeper level, to do something about it, to make changes towards a deeper understanding of myself and to make a choice as to react or respond.  I have decided to respond.  What I have learnt too is that we may desire some form of closure in situations, sometimes this is not possible, just because we feel able to express and say how we feel, it does not necessarily mean that other is the same.  There are also times in the vain of protecting oneself that sometimes the safest thing to do is just close off, because sometimes it just hurts too much, feels to raw and it may feel just far to difficult to talk about it.

There is no right or wrong way in how we choose to learn our lessons, deal with our lessons, it is a personal unique thing, and everyone deals with it in their own way.  All way can ever do is be responsible for how we react, respond, act, or make choices.

What lessons can you think of to turn into a blessing? or blessings?   You can bet there is always the capacity to do so.


With Love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. 0199-survivorBlessings-in-lessons


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