We are so much more than what you see!

I have had the blessing this Morning of rising early and preparing a Numerology Report, I enjoyed it immensely, it was most insightful, in two ways for the recipient and allowing me to also reflect where I could feel some resonance.  On this basis, it got me thinking, we are so much more than what we see and often we gravitate and resonate with like minded individuals, or those who are on a similar path at a given time.

In the study of Numbers in relation to a person’s report there is so much that goes into the process, the birth date, the name, nickname, change of name, change of date of birth, adopted name.  You see numbers actually do have a frequency and a vibration in supporting us to understand a deeper aspect of ourselves.  Similar to that of Astrology.  For those with a curious and probing mind.  The subject of Numerology will be an intriguing and interesting one, it will actually be of interest, give a sense of reflection, contemplation and a further deep understanding with regard to who they are and the capacity to actually reach their potential in this understanding.

Interestingly enough today’s day number vibration is that of a number 3, this is the number 21 reduced.  The number 3 actually relates to communication, creative expression in many forms and the potential to reach out in many forms in doing so, this is actually what I am doing now.

The 3 vibration are the Artsy individuals, the creative individuals, the individuals who are Actors, Singers those interested in literature and who are not afraid to shine. The discovery today was very interesting in that when we meet a potential partner one way to actually look at the compatibility of this relationship is to look at both parties Soul Urge number, therein lies the capacity to understand the dynamics of the relationship and how both vibrate from this aspect independently and jointly.  So interesting.  So next time you meet someone there is so much more to them than meets the eye, that sounds very much like common sense, but in actuality it goes so much deeper for the dynamics of the human personality is not one dimensional but multi faceted in many forms.

It goes so much deeper thank what we see, this is where Numerology can actually play a part in shaping some form of understanding.

So if you have a curious, probing and inquisitive mind, you may desire to know.

I am always happy to have an informal chat about my findings and discovery through this fascinating subject.


With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. friday_quote_updated


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