Human Earth Angels

I posted in my Facebook Group today, Seeds of Spirit about a beautiful lady whom I absolutely adored, loved with all of my heart growing up as a young girl.  For me she was the epitome of unconditional love, tolerance, patience, understanding and spirituality.

She used to look after me when I was a young child whilst my Mother had to go to work regularly, not once in the time that we spent together did I ever hear her cuss bad words, speak badly of others, or show any form of negativity.  She was very patient.  She was a staunch firm believer in God, she was part of the Pentecostal Church and I used to be part of this.  Every Sunday I was escorted in the Church Van to attend the service.

She had a very nurturing spirit.  My blog today on Human Earth Angels got me thinking of this subject, how many of us can say that we are blessed, honored to have a human Earth Angel that is always with us at our time of need?  These Angels are a blessing for they are unconditional in their love, they do not ask for anything in return.

Unconditional love is not an easy thing, I think that many form the opinion that to give unconditional love may be another way of saying I accept whatever you do, but in essence though we can love a person, but not necessarily their behavior.  I had a good example in my Earth Angel.  She is still within me in the very core essence of what I feel, believe and know to be true, far from perfection, oh far from it, but accepting of my foibles, as you may benefit from accepting yours, aren’t we all just perfect in our imperfections? with the capacity to grow, evolve and change what needs to be changed.

Feel blessed, feel honored for your Earth Angel for life is short and they are indeed a blessing, the come to teach us things about ourselves, they come to give us hope, inspiration and the courage at times to forge forward and move on.  I am thankful for my beautiful Earth Angel, who has now sadly passed over to the other side, but she is always within me, with me and beside me.

Embrace yours, show you love, be thankful, express your thanks for they are truly a blessing in disguise.  I love you Mrs B, in life, in death and in spirit. xxxx


With love and light,


Susan, Seeds of Spirit angel

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