Its quite usual for me to have thoughts flying around in my mind as I process and go about my daily existence, being a person who thinks a lot, reflects a lot, laughs a lot, loves a lot and believes in the power of Love, I got thinking today about “Trust”.

Trust in my mind is made up of many things:-

  • Faith
  • Loyalty
  • Risk
  • Hope
  • Truth
  • Desire
  • Fear
  • Wisdom
  • Experience
  • Agreement
  • Trusting ourselves 7d1476199c467ec327ed7158bbae5132

It takes an awful lot to “Trust”, it sure is a process over time, we may have many aspects of Trust in our lives, in many ways, many categories, through friends, family, intimate relationships, there may be many ways that we place trust on ourselves, faith in others and trusting them.  The wisdom from personal experiences that have both been positive and learning curves.

There is no doubt that Trust is a huge process, thing, event, situation or circumstance.  I don’t actually believe that it is something that us human’s do so readily, we may believe that we desire to, that we do, but in truth, how much do we really Trust? both ourselves? and others?

It is important first and foremost, I have learnt to trust ourselves.  Trust is never without some form of risk involved, yes we can have the what ifs? the buts? that is our protective spirit rising up in ourselves in protection, this is a natural human reaction, a desire and want to protect ourselves at all costs, because after all who actually wants to feel hurt? who wants to feel pain?

The defining balance though is will the cost afford you to take a risk? will it prevent you from reaching out and trying?

Sometimes life deals us challenges in order to bring our lessons to the forefront, sometimes we are tested in the very area that we struggle with, I know that I struggle with Trust, I know and understand it is something that I am aware of, continue to work on, and am still in the process of getting to a place and space where I am comfortable and will allow myself to be vulnerable, whilst detaching from an outcome, I feel a work in progress. The key is at least being aware 🙂

It takes a huge amount of courage to allow yourself to let go and “Trust” to allow your vulnerability to show in its authenticity, we do not have a sound guarantee that placing trust in another’s hand to take care of us, like we desire to take care of ourselves is going to be prevalent or apparent, isn’t this though part of the actual process? I think that it is.   I really do appreciate the Buddhist principles of releasing all attachment to a person, situation or circumstance, yet it is something that many of us find so hard to do.  Why? because of human emotions, that’s why?

Whilst emotions are powerful, useful, important and very real there are times they can get tangled like a web and it is the unpicking of the intricate threads that can feel a challenge, first and foremost though, we need an awareness of what these emotions are and why they are playing out.

The key objective is learning to Trust ourselves, for in doing so we give ourselves a choice and the power then to make a make a choice whether we will allow ourselves to be placed in another’s hand, love or emotions to do the same, understanding though that nothing is fixed, nothing is finite, but in our NOW.

With love, light and blessings,


Susan, Seeds of Spirit



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