Tapping into your Creativity!

How resourceful are you?

Do you think inside or outside of the box?

We live in an age where for some finances are tight, where things are a struggle and the struggle is real, what can you put your hand too that can raise finance?

I make my own greetings cards and I simply love the fact that I put my hand, mind and creativity to this task, there is something terribly satisfying and gratifying about the process.  I believe that we all have a creative streak, whether this be

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Being good with words
  • Writing
  • Supporting
  • Giving
  • Creating
  • Manifesting

So what are you good at? if things are a struggle and your struggle is real, ask yourself what else could you be doing creatively that could be adding more power and substance to the flow of money coming in?

You may find that you actually enjoy it.

The benefits of being creative

  • It relaxes the mind
  • It helps you unwind
  • It enhances your imagination
  • It supports spontaneity
  • It supports you getting in touch with your inner vision and your creativity

So what can you be creating that will add an extra dimension to your life both mentally, financially and spiritually?

Happy creating 🙂


With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit quote-creativity-rebellion-4-blog-710




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