Giving up is not necessarily a failure!

I have had a contemplative morning this morning, this felt rather good, still achieving and doing what I must in the process, I was struck by a thought this morning about giving up, many of us may at times feel that giving up is a sign of failure, when in fact I have actually come to believe it is quite the opposite.

I believe giving something up that you feel is not working, is actually a strength, we are of the mindset that we become so attached to things, to situations, to people that the emotions attached make the process of letting go so difficult, I am guilty of this, I have never been okay at letting go of things.  However, I will say that over time through wisdom and experience and support I am a continuous work in progress, I am improving all the time.

I have come to realize though that actually giving something up that does not feel like it is working is actually a strength, for in this process you actually begin to see your worth, what you feel you are worthy of, what you feel that you deserve and whether it actually ties in with your highest vibration in terms of your future goals.

The key objective and thing that I have discovered and found is that mindset plays an important role in how we view things, this too is something that I have developed over a period of time through wisdom and experience.  When we place a negative value on something we automatically make the situation harder to bear, when we place a heavy vibration of negativity on things, a situation or circumstance, you can bet your bottom dollar that is the very thing that we end up creating, it is so very important to ensure that we keep our thoughts positive.

This is not to say that everything is airy fairy, far from it, this is not to say that we do not acknowledge the downside of life and its experiences but it is intrinsically how we come out of those situations at the end.  There is absolutely no doubt that the most trying circumstances, situations, events are our greatest teachers, but can you imagine if we had everything perfect? where would are learning curve be?

So next time you have a situation where you feel that you have to give in and let go, view it as this, it wasn’t right for you, it wasn’t right for your plans, you gave it a try and somewhere deep inside of you, you felt that something wasn’t right.  It is different if you didn’t try, that is different, but if you gave it your best shot and you still feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, just maybe it is time to give in and let go and trust that a new beginning off the back of this will lead you to a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and the process of success.

With love, light and blessings, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. 3f1eb578e44713fb4d55a28d4101e721

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