Living your own dream!

I am now at a stage in my journey where I truly desire to create my own reality.  Long gone are the days where I simply do things at the hands and expectations of others, this is not to say that I do not take others feelings into consideration, far from it, but that the only person that can be responsible for my own reality is myself.

Last year was a very cataclysmic year for me, my perception of what I thought was, turned out to be what wasn’t, a real eye opener this lead me to a place where I started to think about myself in a different way and how I handle certain aspects about my emotions, my life and my journey to date.

I started to think truly about what I want, what I don’t want and what I wish and desire to change, it has been a very deep reflective year and it has not stopped yet, I would not change one thing though, none of my experiences for they have given me the capacity to truly get in touch with myself on an even deeper level than before, its made me more reflective than ever, a little more cautious and a little more protective, not a bad thing. images (3)10e479be44235abcd0d425064d1bf257

I am a believer and always have been that what is right for us usually finds its way home to us in many shapes and many forms, its is the same as jobs, it is the same as circumstances, it is the same for people and the right relationships.  I am working towards shaping a new reality for myself one where I can feel a sense of euphoric “Yes” punching the air that I have finally arrived home for this chapter of my journey.  Being in my early 50’s don’t mind sharing this one bit, it has now taught me many things, and this is, know one is responsible for our happiness but ourselves, if we are unhappy with something then change it, why live a life that does not fulfill you? make your spirit or soul happy? we get one shot at life, we never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so live each day in your current NOW and change what you can control and let go of what you feel no longer works or fills your heart with passion, love and laughter.  Stay blessed, be awesome and continue to shine your own unique light that has been created from your life experiences just for you.


With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit

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