I Reflect!

Originally shared 27/12/2013 as a Note from my Facebook.  Writing is one of my passions, I have many 🙂

I look back to who I used to be and see a reflection of my old self, the layers of my skin are shedding like a snake, what I used to hold true, used to desire is still prevalentAAEAAQAAAAAAAALBAAAAJDNhNzgyOTI5LTA1NDctNDIwZS05MjkyLTQ3MzE2YTY2ZDNjYg (1), but in my heart the desire feels different, the wish for it to be portrayed in a different way, to feel different than it used to, on a very deep level, not a superficial level

I no longer fear my shadow, I no longer fear my truth, I no longer fear others truth, in fact, I prefer the truth, in my opinion it sets us free to move forward in another way, on another journey, taking control, steering the wheel.

Many may not understand my intensity, for this I do not apologize, I cannot not be what my soul wants me to be, people will either resonate with me, or they will slip away like the darkness in the night and not be part of the journey I have agreed to, just sometimes there is a contract that is agreed by both, sometimes the reason does not become apparent until many years later.

I reflect on the many mirrors that I have seen and that are set before me, some of the reflections are painful ones, some of the reflections are humorous ones, and some of the reflections are very deep ones, whatever reflection arises I will face with courage, for in hiding behind a mirror, there is no truth.

I now appreciate my reflection, I now appreciate my mirror, if there are times, moments, periods where I do not appreciate the mirror I have a choice to either turn the mirror the other way, or simply remove the mirror, the choice is mine.

I desire to choose that the reflection that shines back at me offers a polarity, a duality between light v darkness, yin and yang so that I can be afforded the beauty of growth in its lighter and darker form.

I am not afraid.

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