The Universe can place us where we are meant to be!!

Have you ever had a moment where you have met someone and then through the conversation discovered there is a reason for it?, and then its almost like a light bulb that goings “ping” in your head, today I was afforded this beautiful moment.  These little moments do happen, usually they stay with me.

Sometimes we are either placed in a place, position or situation where we are supported, or sometimes it can be to support others, in my case today it was a beautiful win, win scenario.  It touched me, I smiled, I spoke of how I felt and felt comfortable enough to express my thoughts.

We can never truly know how much of impact that we have in such situations, sometimes a listening ear, a smile, an acknowledged nod of understanding, feedback and communication, a gentle touch of the hand via a handshake can mean so much, it can make a difference, for behind smiles can lie a myriad of many things going on.  This is why judgment serves no purpose, for we just never know.

Today I was reminded the importance of interconnections and how these can be equally important to both parties, I smiled in recognition of the reason, both did, it was a moment  of understanding, a moment of “wow”.  Never underestimate Universal law in placing you in a situation of where you need to be at the right time and with whom.  I relish those special moments for they remind me that we are all connected via an energy of thought, of need, desire and want, even if at times on a subconscious level.   Remembering always that the Universe always has your back.  Trust its process, trust yourself to flow with any experience, situation or circumstance when you least expect it.  Enjoy it, smile at it, and be thankful for it.  For there is always a reason.  Today, I am thankful for the gift of being supported and the gift of being able to support.  It makes the day so much more rewarding.  With Light and Love, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. xxxxxxx9990-we-expand-our-consciousness-by-tuning-into-the-universal-frequency.png


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