The power of flexibility in among unexpected change!

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball that we least expect.  What is the normal reaction at this time, “oh no”, confusion, “oh my gosh what to do”, a normal bodily response, then after those emotions and reactions settle in a quick thinking on your feet and a plan of action.

You see life can be like this, we then have a choice to react or to respond.  Of course this is also taking into consideration the importance of the event, how we feel about it and whether it is something that is important.

The key objective that I have learnt about unexpected change is to be honest with yourself in the process of how you feel about it, there are normal reactions which are a natural part of the process of coming to terms with any change, but I have found the key objective is the choice on what one chooses to do as a result.

One of the key things that I have learnt is the power of being flexible in any change process whether it be a change that we have created or an unexpected change, the adaptation and the art of being flexible in this sudden change process, of course there is an element of just allowing yourself to feel the fear and doing it anyway.  The adrenaline that kicks in and then allows us to just flow and go with it can be quite interesting for in this process it forces us into a position where we can then take flight and allow our creativity to flow.

Trust yourself to intuitively know how best to respond to eventualities or things that you were not quite prepared for, for as you go through the process for you body will naturally kick in and do what you feel is right.

“When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade” it can be oh so refreshing!!





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