Sometimes we just need to kick off our shoes!!

Sometimes we just need to kick of our shoes and dance, dance the dance of life.  What an exhilarating ride it can be at times, its almost like a box of chocolates, you just never know what your going to get!

Dancing with passion from ones inner soul and believing in what your doing is one of the truest and most powerful essences that you can wear, its almost like a powerful cloak that keeps you warm in its conviction of belief.   What tune are you dancing too today? your own? or the expectations of others? What motivates you? Drives you? makes you wake up in the Morning? What fuels your soul? what awakens it in all of its unfolding?

Can you hear the tune that is calling you? can you hear the ripples of your souls calling?

Go on I dare you to dance!! Dance to your own tune of your life!! for there is no greater passion than dancing to a tune that resonates with your soul.

Have a great Week ahead, with love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit.


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