The Journey to awakening & the catalyst for change!

Deep!!, yes it is, I have been reminded this weekend about the preciousness of “Life”,

When we have been hurt the strongest emotion apart from Love is the opposite, we feel a sense of “Hate”, well actually, I do not believe for one moment it is hate, it is anger, it is hurt, it is shock, it can be denial, it goes in many many stages of transformation as you work towards acceptance and healing.

I hear so many who cannot wait for others to get their just deserts, to get the comeuppance, I actually don’t like that sense of gloating, that sense of euphoric “Yes” they deserved it, yes I know it is human nature, but in my mind it only compounds the initial hurt and pain that you may have experienced in the first place.

I have been reminded this weekend that sometimes we don’t get a “sorry” straight away, but there is the capacity, eventually to hear I am sorry, even if it is in a roundabout way, for someone causing pain, hurt and making our souls unhappy with their treatment and handling.

Everyone has their day of awakening and a catalyst for change, it can take days, months, years and sometimes never, but there is I do believe the capacity for others to truly take stock if they choose and atone for their wrongful treatment or behavior.

The beauty of life as I was reminded today when in a conversation with a dear friend is the beauty of life is the reality of this, when one finally realizes that I actually haven’t treated so and so right, I could have done better, I could have been kinder, I am actually sorry for how I behaved.  There is an assumption that what goes around comes around, when in fact, in accordance to  my spiritual teachings, a person has to agree to the atonement of wrongdoing in the first instance and be able to admit to themselves that they have actually done wrong, it does not automatically happen.

There is no doubt it hurts like hell when we are hurt by others actions, behavior and lack of consideration, but remembering too that we also have a part to play, we can look at the hurt and pain as a lesson, a lesson that something needs to change, something needs to be addressed.

Therein lies the capacity to truly change the hurt from a lesson into a blessing.  So when you feel a sense of anger and wanting to get your own back, remember that each and everyone of us has our own learning in this journey called “Life” the details usually take care of themselves, through time, patience and trying not to force the issue, send them love anyway and just get on with what you have to do for yourself, they are responsible for their journey and you are responsible for yours, deal with what you are able and let go of what you cannot control, also remembering that not everyone has the same regard as each of us, and just maybe that is part of their lesson. download (1)

With Light and Love,

Susan, Seeds of Spirit.


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