2016 A year of change, the end of a 9 year cycle

Year 2016 is set to be a year of change, some you will have control over, some you won’t, the key objective is how you process “Change” and manage it, you have the wheel, which way will you steer it, the choice is yours.

We have 9 year cycles and this 2016 is set to be the end of a 9 year cycle in this process one can expect the following to happen, these are things that have the potential to happen, remember tho, that even in these potentialities you still have the wheel of your life and have the choice as to which way you decide the steering wheel is going to be turned.

#Unexpected change, #Shedding and letting go of what no longer feels right for you, #A sense of being alone in this world as you start the journey and process of change, fear not though for your inner guidance “Gut instinct” #Intuition, call it what you will is a good barometer for guidance, are you in tune? are you actually responding, listening to how your body feels in terms of where you are at? where you truly wish to go? if not? why not? what is causing you to stay stuck?

You may also feel a little sensitive, vulnerable and feel a little loss of direction, all this is normal, what is absolutely essential at times like this is to find an outlet to keep you grounded, be it meditation, yoga, reading, going out in nature, listening to music, writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal, let yourself be your guide as to the best way forward.  I wish you all a blessed, positive, happy, growth orientated 2016 for you to be the change that you desire to be for you.  With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit.



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