Today’s Guidance Card “Intuition”

Today’s Numerology Guidance Card, (excited at new resources to uplift and empower) is the number 22 which relates to Intuition, key words are:-
‪#‎Trust‬ your Inner Guidance
‪#‎Embrace‬ your intuitive wisdom
‪#‎Honor‬ your sensitivity
‪#‎Prioritize‬ your premonitions and your hunches
‪#‎Adjust‬ to the cycles of your Life.
‪#‎Affirmation‬: My Intuition leads me to where I need to be.

The number 22 is a master number vibration, its energy is that of being grounded, rooted, a solid foundation, also known as the “Master Builder” we can build a lot when we are centered and grounded in ourselves.  Sometimes it takes just a little time out to sit with your thoughts, to process them and to allow yourself to then give them space to enable you to prioritize  them and then work out what you are going to decide to do with them, there are many ways and means of processing your intuition, writing in your journal, using music to support you, talking to a friend, there is no hard and fast rule, it is a personal and unique thing.  What is your Intuition telling you today?  Are you listening?

With love and light, Susan xx20151228_110409-1_resized

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