So as to give, one must also learn to receive!

I got thinking today about the actions of giving and receiving, now there are many ways to give,  we can give our time, our heart, our ears, our affection, our finances, our empathy, compassion.  One thing I have come to realize over the years is getting a fine balance between giving and receiving.  Now for a good few of us we may be conditioned to give, give, give, the message is clear that is good to give, yes it is, but what I have discovered over the years is it is essential to learn to receive as well, this feels a little uncomfortable at first, especially when one isn’t totally used to it, it can feel a little bit embarrassing, a little bit like you feel vulnerable and that people are going to judge you for it.  But the art of unconditional giving ought not to come with judgement, especially if it comes from a pure heart.

Gradually as you grow into yourself and find parts of you that you feel need to change you will find a balance of giving and receiving, I am learning to do both, so will you.  It does take a little time though.  When I once again decided to make some changes this year I understood it was going to be a challenge, I accepted that, I have been in this same position before.  The reason being is because I trust my judgement based on how I intuitively feel to enable me to make changes.  I have now developed a sense of trust in Universal Law and trusting that where I am is where I am meant to be, I encourage you too to tune into your intuition, to tap into how you feel about where you are and if it sits comfortably for you.

This Universal Law has shown me that despite challenges I am more than provided and care for.  This year I have received abundance in many ways, to which I feel truly thankful for, I wasn’t expecting any of it, I have just embraced it with a sense of awe and wonder, I have tuned into what is happening and just embraced it and flowed with the energy and the situations pertaining.  So I would urge you when you feel you are in a challenging situation and you are suddenly faced with being given something, it could be anything, embrace it, be thankful, never forgetting to thank the Universe for your blessings, for when we are “Thankful” this creates more. It can also be a compliment too, just say “Thank you” don’t try to fob it off with an excuse, oh but I am this, I am that, just say “Thank you”.  The key objective is learning to both find a balance between giving and receiving so that you feel a sense of balance.    Wishing all a positively blessed Monday and a positive Christmas week.  Stay blessed always.  With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. xxx 1013239_10203047161409482_1606056554_n[1]




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