The beauty and positive side of rejection

How many times have you felt rejected? and thought is it me? what have I done? why? this can sometimes be ones initial reaction to such an uncomfortable feeling, for in truth nobody likes to feel rejected, nobody likes to feel that they aren’t good enough.  If you are anything like me growing up you may have had moments of that little doubting Thomas voice from within that comes up and tells you, you are not good enough. In truth and from personal reflection we are given many messages to support that little doubting Thomas voice.

But take a moment to think about rejection in a different way, how is it possible to turn what one perceives at the time as a negative experience into something that can be utilized positively and to support others in this very uncomfortable feeling.  Well here goes, and I talk from a vast amount of personal experience, wisdom and knowledge here.

After the initial reaction has worn off, and I say for those that do not handle rejection well, if one reflects on the deeper aspect of rejection, spiritually speaking, cosmically speaking I like to use this mantra, “A No is Not A Rejection, But a Cosmic, Redirection”, sounds better doesn’t it? yes?

So here goes the other aspect of this, what can you do in the face of rejection? you have two choices, and believe you me, for a little while you may sit in shock and dwell, and cry and sink and feel a sense of pity for yourself, I like to call them pity party moments, these are all essential for the process of coming to terms with the rejection, for processing your thoughts, feelings and emotions associated.  Then slowly, or quickly depending on your recovery rate you will start to bounce back and start to formulate a plan of action for rising above those uncomfortable feelings, your inner warrior spirit will start to rise and give you signs that you are well on the way to healing and recovery.

In every situation that is perceived as a rejection there is the capacity to learn something from it, what have your rejections taught you? do you go on and think it is everyone else’s fault? or do you actually understand your part in the process of it? for believe you me we do bring something to this table.  In the reflective moments of the situation there will be a clear message, it may be that you have reached a turning point and that which you are trying to engage in, or what you are trying to engage in, no longer serves where you are in your growth, sometimes out of fear we can remain stuck and keep repeating patterns and cycles of behavior for fear of a change.  But actually what will happen is we will keep getting the same back for there is something that we need to be doing to actually reflect the change that needs toimages (2) takes place.  Deep yes I know, it is, there is no two ways about it.

So I now ask you this, when you next feel rejected from a situation, event, circumstance or a person, what is the lesson that you are going to take and turn it into a blessing?

Remembering that “A No Is Not A Rejection, But A Cosmic, Redirection!!





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