Emerging through the Transition

Slowly emerging through the process of change!

What does this actually mean? For those of us who are aware of the ripples of disatisfaction and the feeling that something within our subconscious doesn’t feel quite right.  Remembering that each of us are at differing stages of our life journey and what motivates and inspires us to make changes or stay exactly as we are.

For some, they may choose to stick with their norm, some may choose to create change. There are many factors which contribute to either scenario. So what does it mean for you to slowly emerge through changes? Sometimes these can be planned changes, sometimes it can be a forced change. A change nonetheless, to which can still be felt with reverberations until one knows are gets to sit comfortably with where they feel comfortable.

What do you do to support any changes? Do you let fear hold you back and become rooted with fear?

Do you go into a sense of overdrive?  Auto pilot, I must get back in control?

Or, do you just allow yourself to flow through these changes?

There is no right or wrong way to transition, it is a unique and personal experience. Where it becomes an obstacle though is if you get stuck and do not quite know what? Where to go next? I can support you through this process, from experience, wisdom and knowledge.

I am a phone call away. My question to you to end today’s blog is what do you desire to change in your period of NOW?

Remembering that the Lotus flower has the capacity to grow even in murky and challenging conditions.

Spiritual Coaching
Growth does not always come from our comfort zone.

With Love and Light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit.

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