When Opportunity knocks, open the door!

This year I have had fortunate experiences of being approached to do some things that I have never done before, instead of thinking no I can’t do that, I have agreed without hesitation, after checking facts a little of course.  The first opportunity was being asked to be a presenter on Radio Diamond Manchester, the second opportunity was being asked if I wanted to be a Co-Author for a new publication, Living Without Limitations, Vision Quest, the compiler is Anita Sechesky, I agreed.  I have always enjoyed writing and communicating.  Indeed, it has always been a passion of mine since a child, a love of books, writing and putting down thoughts and feelings into poems.  So you can imagine when the opportunity knocked to be a co-author in the book which would give others the opportunity to share with other visionaries, our vision and wisdom which has been taken from our Book of Life.  The publication is due out on the 4th December and I can say that I feel a sense of excitement.  There are many things that I have in store to achieve and I continue to work on these, some things are falling to the wayside tho as I focus on priority issues, but you know what when Opportunity Knocks one sometimes just has to open the Door!  Go on, next time you are asked to take part in something and you feel a little unsure, just say yes.  I today am feeling truly thankful for who has been part of this journey to growth, personal development and expansion, for I feel that everything is for a reason, season and a purpose and sometimes a time.   With love and light, Susan, Seeds of Spirit. 12191996_10208309374630858_8318800507225955630_n

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