This evening I have had an awesome conference call with Ava Brown and the Team.  In unity we can achieve so much, when many heads get together to create a platform of ideas it creates a unique and powerful dynamic, each bringing their own unique skills, personality and style to the mix.  Being given the opportunity to work alongside others who share the same vision is exciting, a great honor and a blessing.  Once can feel the energy, feel the vision and see it before ones eyes.  We are set to come to Manchester, then Bristol, we will be making our way round the Country. Never believe for one moment that you do not have potential, never allow anyone to dilute you, but only to salute you, not out of egotistical desire but with respect for a vision of wanting to empower and support others to reach their potential.  I believe that everyone has potential in their own right, it sometimes just takes someone else to see it too.  So feel thankful for the connections that come your way as you evolve on your journey to growth and potential, remembering to thank them for being your part of your journey.  Stay positive, stay blessed and stay focused.


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