A simple gesture can mean so much

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I wanted to write this Morning about simple little gestures that mean so much. We live in a very fast paced world where time just seems to fly by, everyone is rushing around, focusing on the time, keeping an eye on the time, trying to ensure that they are not late.  Got to be there, got to do this, that sometimes we forget along the way a simple gesture of a wave, a smile, a moment of listening, a compliment can mean so much.

How many times have you gone about your daily life and day to be given a compliment to be told you look lovely today, to be smiled at, to be given a warm embrace, a peck on the cheek, how does that feel? it feels lovely doesn’t it? we need more of these moments, for remembering that little things can mean a lot.

Sometimes we take things for granted, sometimes we just assume a sense of knowing that someone around us cares, but in fact it is not always the words that show this but their actions.  So a little word today is don’t forget to show you care but your actions, and this can also be about delivering actions through words and deeds.

Wishing all a beautifully blessed Friday in all that you do

Susan xxx

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