Ripples below the surface.

Emotions are like ripplies of Water and can be felt very deeply below the surface.
Emotions are like ripplies of Water and can be felt very deeply below the surface.

I awoke this Morning after a really heavy sleep, I felt quite heavy, I didn’t go to sleep with anything particular on my mind, but I was afforded to my surprise a very full and deep sleep.  When I awoke I felt quite heavy and emotional, I had no idea where the emotion was coming from, I didn’t even question it, being an empath one has to be mindful sometimes that one doesn’t absorb other people’s emotions, this is why grounding and clearing is essential.

I do feel to a degree that if one is emotional many can view it as being too much, and the words ” just get on with it” spring to mind.  But what actually are emotions? I believe that they are a sign that something needs attention, if you are intuitively in tune with yourself and others, you will recognise this, so the next time you feel a particular emotion coming up, ask yourself, exactly what is this emotion? where is it coming from? and why?  sometimes we don’t actually have to try and fix it, but just acknowledge it.  I feel in doing so we are then being really in tune with our inner emotions and not trying to shuffle them away like they don’t exist, the mask of I am strong, I will be okay, can only be worn for so long.  I feel in trying to put on a brave face only exacerbates and enhances things more, plus I think it adds to mental illness, being honest with yourself about your emotions is a sure fire way of starting the journey to self-discovery and an understanding of where your boundaries lie with your emotions, trust this, its all there for a reason.

As the saying goes Still Waters Run Deep.

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